Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Eamon is having a go at the Moylan Cup 2021 ... 53% after 8 boards

 This morning I decided to have a crack at the Moylan Cup. I made up my 78 board file for Jack using the information  that is provided by BBO. I wonder am I in trouble with GDPR ...does putting folks names in my Jack program break GDPR. 

So above are my first 8 results ...

Unfortunately I was not lucky enough on board 6 in the 6H to rise with the King of Hearts so down I went. I quickly went to find out who the great player was that guessed right and against the odds in my view. Turned out a helpful unlucky defender ate its partners Queen on opening lead ... Thats good luck to be getting... 

One time when playing Charlie Cullen and Joe Walshe in Mullingar I was lucky enough to get to 6NT and was missing an awful lot of spades ... like AKQJTxxx ...I settled down to suffer my fate but after King lead taken by the ACE ....nothing was coming back as the KQJT spade person slowly went purple a red card hit the table ...The Spade Ace was singleton one gets lucky ..

I wonder am I the only chap who bothers replaying the National competitions to see how many grandmasters I can beat. The only other chap who might do it is David Doran from down Wexford way. 

I have a big file of the 3 session Moylan in pbn format. 

I motored into 4H here but only managed the 11 tricks. I was shocked to find 10 of the 40 pairs in Irelands Premier Pairs event failed to reach game. How is it possible to stop in 2H on this hand. 
Something must be wrong with the evaluation. I presume even John "downgrade" Carroll even got into 4H although he probably made 12 tricks. 


Meanwhile Lotan Fisher is on the way back apparently. He is the Israeli chap whose team were supported by armed security at the Euro Bridge out in CityWest Dublin in 2012. Something to do with all Israeli sports teams needing protection for political reasons

"Howdy Lotan ,

Missed you something terrible, glad to see you are looking forward to resuming your bridge career, we need your talents and vision for the game going forward"

said a good player from Ireland who has been turning over rocks looking for the medals he lost over the years. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A brilliant hand from Malahide Regional Monday night (Did Murphy misclick or mean it) Board 20


So Murphy is boosted into 6H by the hard working Noel Precision. Everybody looks at the sheet and says COLD ..sheet says 12 tricks by North big deal. 

So how come half the people did not make 12 tricks ...must be something there.

Anyway Magic wins the Spade lead and draws 2 rounds of trumps ...Next he strips out the spades and plays a high diamond to  KING and  arrives here. Along the way he ruffed a spade HIGH with the flashy TRUMP ACE. 

So we all see the thing says 12 tricks what else can it be except diamond to the ACE ....

Murphy plays Diamond and finesses the NINE ....

And EAST is caught in some kind of MAGICAL double endplay.. 

I don't know if the man meant it or not ...


Mr Kevin will say .."Oh well I made 6H also and Eamon does not mention me ..

Mr Kevin can look at his line and see that Secretary Bird could have dumped the Diamond Queen and down he goes 

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

A sad losing challenge against Kelan ...but I really won despite minus 35 on scoresheet

 Board 1 

We both bid and make 6H

board 2 the Kerry makes 3NT on diamond queen offside falling

board 3 a kind of push
board 4 kerry misses routine 4S 
board 5 Kerry is allowed make 3NT 

board 6 kerry gets non granda lead in 6NT

Board 7 Galligan bids decent 6H but trumps break 5-0 

Final result Galligan losing by 35 imps for no reason at all.
Two lucky for Kelan one unlucky for Galligan and a couple of no play things and 
Kelan wins by 35 imps 

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Having a look at Eileen and her Grandpa last night in South West Tyrone


Board 1 we see the Grandma open a weak 2D and no alert or nothing.
cag42 and moll17 run a 46% average on BBO so what would they know about weak 2s.
On board 2 opps fail to make some good conclusions and use trump entry.
On board 3 granda pushes them higher than comfort  zone
on Board 4 granda gets pushed above his declarer level
on board 5 Granda wheels out the 4th seat 1NT opening giving his opponents a chance to go plus on the board via a spade partscore or by defeating 1NT. He had a good score by passing but gambled on his legendary declarer play. 
On board 6 several pairs miss the making 3NT so granda is on 45% 
On board 7 grandma misses a few chances at good defence and the GIB robot does her like seabiscuit.
Granda is clinging to heart singleton but cannot get off a signal to partner.
Board 8 sees the Grandparents roar into 4S with 2 9 count hands 
9 opposite 9 and they bid and make 4S... they on a roll.
Board 10 and some normal bidding steals away the decent score 
Board 11 the 3NT up 1 cannot be stopped
Board 12 grandma works the diamond finesse and all is well
Board 13 3NT rolls home with overtrick
Board 14 opps go in 2NT and Granda picks off nice Heart lead and its all doom for 
willfarmer from there.. a 100% in the kitty.

Meanwhile the freewheeling Peters got ambushed by the McDonnells in the Peter Pigot Bumper Stakes in Peter Pigot Bridge Club at Silchester Road after having a bright start. 
Every Tuesday morning at 11am

Meanwhile the Grandparents roar into a slam. Grandma asks for aces maybe and Granda shows 3 aces. 
Grandma can count 12 tricks checks for a king to bid  Grand Slam but no joy
Only one other pair bids a slam so its 95% for granda 

I am tired of this but Grandpa got 81% score but the opponents not really trying I think. 
Granda Tom kills the Tyrones and Fermanaghs 

Like Cavan winning the Ulster 


Monday, April 05, 2021

Eamons Galway Congress Teams forecast but its like the weather ..hailstones at dawn.

 Ireland Open Imps Pairs at 8pm every night on BBO. This is a good training session as well as competition. You won't leave this event without some story.

Here we have the Galway Congress Teams..24 gone to starting line

Picture shows first round draw so each 2 tables are a match. So we can figure out the teams.

Lets pick top 5 finishers in no particular order

1. Team BJ

2. Team Ciaran

3. Team DanMac

4. Team Gilda

5. Team Jeannief

and the outside pick.... 

Team Jeroen with his gunslingers


This is written during first round so no results for me yet.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Team 2000 search and destroy in Kelvin Teams recently. Unfortunately Team BJ took the hit.

 While perusing some good players results this morning I came across this beauty. Mr Tranmer Somerville Anderson and Greenwood taking the lead out to CBAI Grandmasters Walsh and O'Brien partnered by NIBU stalwarts River Quoile and Anne1. 

I think the whole results and boards can be viewed about ..Any match with 100 plus imps in 16 boards must be worth a look. Someone lost those imps. Someone lost against Luxembourg in sport. 

I notice remnart handed in a more normal card in March 2021 averaging a reasonable 53% in the matchpoints when sent out to battle without the heavily armoured MrT2000. 

Kelan the monster who thrives on Eamon failures ..bridge challenge

  Ireland Open Imps Pairs at 8pm every night on BBO. This is a good training session as well as competition. You won't leave this event without some story.

I reluctantly accepted  a challenge against kelan the other day as I already held bragging rights from a recent victory. 

A lack of attention board and a couple of lazy bids and a couple of lax defences by robot opps of kelans phone and suddenly Galligan felt the possiblity of 50 imps minus. Turned out to be minus 60 I think in 5 boards. 

K went 3NT here and when robot failed to beat it that was 10 imps gone against my 5D down 2
Missing the fall of the club 9 here and I was down in 4H.
The Queen was also gone so 
Kelan tried the 3NT contract here and robot failed to beat it and my 4S-1 was more imps gone out the door. 
Kelan chose the pragmatic bid of 2NT opening while my efforts saw me in a 4-2 4H contract with trumps breaking 6-1 or something. 
WHENEVER TRUMPS BREAK 6-1 maybe the bidding is wrong
To end this bunch of disaster hands one chose to open the South hand an overstrength 1NT and languished in 3S making 11.
5 hands 5 disasters and 60 imps. 

Its easy when one disrespects the great game. 
As a great Malahide player once said "Bridge is a monster that feeds on human inadequacy " 
So don't be blaming the partner ... or the opponent ...

Monday, March 29, 2021

Those robots are animals at bridge

 Ireland Open Imps Pairs at 8pm every night on BBO. This is a good training session as well as competition. You won't leave this event without some story.

Last night I decided to replace two robots with myself and the nearly winner of Clonmel intermediate pairs. However I had no idea that the original robots has hoovered up nearly 40 imps from boards 1-5 against some humans

Thus when the results came out I was thinking something was wrong. 

I was saying to myself how can we be plus that much. 
Anyway the mystery was soon solved.

37.5 imps head start from the robots made a reasonable score better 
Followed by 3 good boards against what appeared to be a starting off pair of bridge players. 

The middle board I thought might have been plus more imps but for some reason folk did not bid or else went down in a reasonable slam. The new folk made 13 tricks against us

Its definitely a 12 tricker hand so getting only average when our opponents stopped in 3NT was a little disappointing. 
A very interesting play hand ..A quick glance without double dummy helper seems to indicate one might be in a Vienna Coup situation after playing off 6 hearts and 2 spades leaving only 5 cards. South gets in trouble in his 3 queen suits and gets squeezed. However 2 folk bidding and going down in 7H left us with the average. 

As my friend Sally used to say in Fitzwilliam in part score beats down in SLAM. 

Later we found bigswinging in a generous mood as he stormed towards the oak tree and slammed his head into a low hanging branch. Elephants don't tend to understand DUCKING. 
So he got a sore head and Cobol Cate ate all his rolos in 3NT. 

If the big elephant had ducked on trick 1 maybe its 12 imps gone the other way ..meaning instead of plus 8 imps we lose 5 imps for him making 3NT

However Cobol Cate turned up and not the other one who throws imps like confetti at a wedding.