Friday, June 24, 2022

Last night at the Sligo FOB I saw a hand

 Last night at the Sligo FOB I noticed the 2nd placed pair out of 38 runners played and bid board 1 fairly sadly. There are several good lessons in this hand. Lets see 

 So you are dealt the above and you open 1H using 5 card majors and weak No trump 

Your partner responds 1S so that is good for you as you have 3 cards for him and a ruffing value so all is looking good.

West now pipes in with a 2C bid ... If you are playing support doubles its grand as you can double to show 3 card spades in case partner has 5 and it would be good for him. 

Other good things going for you are if 2C makes then 2S will surely not go down too much as you have diamond ruffing value and can imagine some club shortage in partners hand. 

Your own hand can be deemed about a trick more than a basic opening so you should be thinking 2S is safe enough to be bid. 

Anyway you are timid and you pass and its passed to partner and happily partner is able to bid 2H thinking they are showing 3 card hearts although maybe they denied 3 card hearts already by not bidding 2H instead of 1S the first time. 

West opponent bids 3C and with your AKxx of clubs you are thinking 3C might go down. However the opponent bid 3C despite missing AK of trumps so must have solid trumps. 

A look at the full hand shows 3H and 3S both make as well as 3C the other way. 

So even if 3H or 3S go down its better than 3C making. 

Thus folk need to be aware on competitive hands that there are many ways to win at bridge. 

Here even the 4H minus 2 folk got a better score than the 3C person. 


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