Friday, June 24, 2022

Last night in Sligo Take 2

 Last night in Sligo I saw another hand 

So the West player found a 1H bid when it seems almost normal to be bidding 1S planning to come back 

with 2H later in the bidding. However our hero responded 1H and eventually lost the spade suit altogether. 

His partner bid STOP 3D showing a fine hand with diamonds and probably not 3 card hearts. 

We kind of expect 1H to show 5 cards as it is bidding over a hand that showed the majors probably. 

Anyway over 3D our partner with the 54 non-stopper in the unbid suit launched into 3NT. 

That contract did not last too long as the North South opponents quickly showed West the error of her ways ..... Down with No Trump 

And another poor score for less than optimal bidding 

Much better to respond 1S and then bid Hearts later and see how you go 

4 spades happens to make despite the 4-1 trump break ... 

3 spades would also be better than 3NT down as would 3D which is down the same 2 tricks as 3NT but needs perfect lead and defence to collect 2 clubs 2 ruffs a spade ................AND 

THE TRUMP promotion to boot ..... Nice lessons there 


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