Sunday, July 31, 2022

Two sleeping Defenders and one sleepy Declarer combine to enlighten Poor Spectator


This morning I spotted this hand featuring Defender1 and Defender2 and Declarer 

Poor Spectator watched in horror as his great friends performed surgery on the hand 

The fingers would never work again 

Normal 1D opening bid by West followed by 1H overcall from Defender1 ..Some might play Jump Overcall but this player obviously does not play that convention

A normal 1S bid by East and then South the barking dog roars in with a 2D bid .. This looks odd to me as it won't cause much pain for West .. I might like a 3C fit jump type bid or a combination of 2H jump and 3H support putting more pressure on East West 

Any way they arrive in 4S and all looks well ... 

Heart lead and the contract appears cold on any lead .. with a good guess in trumps 

Act 1 .. Heart Lead won in West who leads the Spade 10 

Act 2 .. North lets Spade 10 roll to Spade queen 

Act 3 ... Defender 2 on lead after winning Spade Queen for some unknown reason figures out to cash Club Ace 

Now on Trick 3 Defender1 could have risen with Spade Ace and fired a Club through and taken 2 clubs and a ruff promotion 

Also on trick 3 Defender2 could have held onto AQ clubs and when North gets in with A Spades ..a Club comes through 

The final nail in this coffin is to NOTE the trump policeman ...

Declarer should have kept Spade TEN in dummy as a policeman to stop the trump promotion. 


I jusr spotted this hand this morning on BBO when 4 friends of mine were playing 

I don't think they even noticed all the surgery they were performing 


However luckily Murphyslaw was on site to see it 

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