Sunday, March 24, 2019

Down in 7S is not good and National Pairs Final

This morning  played the end of a challenge on Bridgebase Online against Mullingarman. Happily I launched myself into 7S contract. Sadly having a suitable layout I put it on the floor and lost 20 imps.  Moral of the story down in slam does not beat plus in game.
I knew I had a good shot at making the contract on the lead but I took the eye off the robots left hand. Left hand lead mean SINGLETON ...  I suffered the Denis Dillon fate.

In Mens Teams in Galway in 1996 Dennis uttered in his best Cork accent. "I WOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT EAMON" The capitals are meant as Dennis had a loud voice. Down Eamon went in a cold one. I thought I had learned but today I did it again.

Meanwhile the video Galligan is beaten by Mullingar Man

Meanwhile down in Athlone the champions of all regions are doing battle for the various
National Pairs titles. Some pairs got a shock yesterday when they found out there exist other big lads and lassies in other regions.

I made a few tips but they are not running well yet.

Davidson ... McNeill and Scannell ... Delaney Brady are the form pair here

Laird .. I don't really know any players here except Deegan Deane and the old chess player from skerries Pat Mulholland. He was good at chess not sure about the bridge but he is partnering famous vugraph operator Carol Sheridan from the bridge playing family of Tom Rose Brendan and Helen.

Civil Service Cup ..... I thought Hughs McMackin had a chance but they ran into some heavy weather in Session 2. Maybe they will produce a 74% 3rd session to win the thing.

Good luck to all

Thursday, February 28, 2019

I found Hugh McGann on a podcast today.

Today while nosing around the google I found our very own Hugh McGann.

Some NZbridge podcast

In this week's episode Bruce and Jane catch up with Brett Glass, one half of the winning Babich NZ Wide pairs partnership. Hugh McGann, Irish International player and newest Hamilton Bridge Club member also joins the show and Ed Roggeveen from Blenheim talks about plans for tournaments in Top of the South.
THE BRIDGE ZONE takes you to the broadcast.

I fully understand Irish bridge players are lazy and unlikely to even listen to this. 
However a small amount of effort will get you to a 10 minute piece of radio where McGann talks.
Meanwhile the inaugural Irish Mixed Bridge Team is winding down their attempt at qualifying for the World Mixed Teams championships. They are not making it and are currently taking a good hiding from the low table Greek bridge team. the score is 0-34 after 9 boards. However Ireland have plus scores on boards 10 and 11 but so have many other NS pairs so no more than a small gain is possible. 
Meanwhile I have branched out in the challenges on Bridgebase. I have offered to thrash Kilkenny youngsters under the tutelage of the famous Margaret Murphy school of bridge. 
Currently its Eamon 1 Kilkenny 0 

I hope to make 10 in a row of 8 board challenges  

Monday, February 25, 2019

The legendary Donal MacAongusa rolls back the years and storms Lederer

World champions English champions European champions were scattered all over the RAC club in London as Donal MacAonghusa rolled back the years and tackled the world reknowned Lederer bridge event. Donal and his 3 Irish team mates placed a very credible 2nd place in the high class Lederer trophy held this weekend in the RAC club.

I noted last week that the dress code for the venue was quite nice

 Very posh. A 2004 low slung automobile might not be allowed in the parking garage.

Any yes Team Ireland placed 2nd ...Donal Mark Moran John Carroll and Thomas Hanlon the bridge player. I think 2 of them went to the same secondary school. 

I think only about 8 Irish players have won the Lederer Trophy and its much tougher these days.
Meanwhile the Irish Mixed team is tacking its was through some heavy storms out in Portugal. 
Happily some opponents bid a 7NT and we got it down and on same board holding 33 high card points our other half managed to put the brakes on in 4NT. No slam made and the Irish gained 13 imps. I need to learn that system. They even owned every first and 2nd round control in the deck. 

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Cavendish 2019 and some videos

Today the Cavendish Pairs 2019 the best known pairs bridge event outside of the World and European championships started. Nearly all pairs are well known professional bridge players.
Our own John Carroll and Thomas Hanlon are taking part. Currently lying in 47th place of 65 pairs.
One wonders why the organizers did not come up with an even number of pairs. Probably no big deal in a large event like this to have a sitout. After all we have sitouts every night in our clubs.

Meanwhile this morning I played my latest challenge against Blanchman.
This man fancies himself as a bridge player but he has a little to learn yet to reach A1 level

Galligan v Blanchman

Having finished off Blanchman one wandered around BBO and spotted a short 5 board challenge from Malswan. Now Malswan is a very decent opponent and plays for the Irish junior team so it
will be hard to win. However the plan was to play these 5 boards and then record a little screen of the
live Cavendish in running scores in case someone might want to find the website and watch.

Galligan loses to Malswan and Cavendish

Meanwhile this week we have the CBAI Simultaneous Pairs.
Same deals played on same night in various clubs across Ireland.

The link above should get you to the results pages.
Even if you did not play you can find the hands and booklet here.

Finally don't forget Mark Knopfler is a fine guitarist and Emmylou Harris can sing

Knopfler and Harris

Friday, January 25, 2019

Regional Teams 2019

This weekend we have the Regional Teams played in all Regions across the country.In Dublin North Region we are struggling to get Master Teams. So far only 4 have entered, Normally we get about 7 or 8 teams but this year the Masters are thin on the ground.
We have only 3 B/novice teams entered so far .. but on Tuesday I ran a competition for Bs and novices in Malahide and we had 19 teams just in our club alone. Regional Teams is at same venue but where are the teams.

This morning  Galligan played Kilkennyman in matchpoints. Unfortunately Kilkennyman did not complete so hopefully he played a decent number of the 12 boards.

Galligan v Kilkennyman

Last night in Malahide Regional Bridge Club we had the annual Maurice Quinn Trophy.
and the winner was Sheila McCabe who knows Philip Quinn son of Maurice.

The hands were good ones but nobody complained. Sometimes they like good hands.
More later.

Eamon Galligan

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Cork Bridge Congress Weekend and Blanchman video

Meanwhile down in Cork they also play bridge but the Bossman is in town with his Irish paassport. Hopefully he took time for a haircut before his arrival. Bossman failed to keep it going in the Mixed Pairs so no prize there.

Cork Bridge Congress Mixed Pairs

Today we will watch the running scores on the Diarmuid Reddan organised event.
He is a one man dynamo tournament director. Mairead Basquille runs many events but she has Fearghals help. Diarmuid rolls on his own and sometimes plays in the events to boot.

This morning I did a challenge against Blanchman. He got 20 imps on two boards for free.
Eamon won by 4 imps but robot gifted Blanchman 12 imps on one board and Blanch man got 8 imps for what in my view is a dramatic underbid. See for yourselves .. board 4 and 15

However when you have not completed the cardplay module you better not be bidding too high.

Eamon v Blanchman

Next weekend sees the annual running of the Regional Teams ..a qualifier for National Teams ..
Magic Murphy won't be there due to work commitments.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Maurice Quinn Trophy 2019

Last night in Malahide Regional Bridge Club we had the first session of the Maurice Quinn Trophy.
Generally the hands are racey. However herself did not like them as she spent the night looking for the catches. However there were no catches so she caught no fish.

Earlier this morning  I played a challenge against Mullingar Man. Unfortunately the man from Mullingar lost by 5 imps and has now lost 5 in a row and is descending into the depths of gloom.

Galligan beats Mullingarman

Galligan made a return to combat last Sunday. Playing on a team out for the experience we placed nicely in the middle of the field.
We are thinking of offering oursoelves as subs for the Camrose Trophy as the mainstays of Irelands Camrose team placed behind us ...even the aging but great Thomas Hanlon.

Magic Murphy made his debut in the big leagues at the Mens Teams. I think he done okay.
We won 4 matches and lost 1 narrowly. Some dunces from Galway bid 7NT against our team mates
and our lads could not cash their ace. The English would call it "An Irish grand slam"
Off an Ace.