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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Declan the Donplayer is moving forward

As some people might know I taught Declan the Donplayer how to play bridge. I never realised how far this project would go. Now it has grown legs and is running fast. The Donplayer was offered an 8% handicap advantage and somehow wheedled it up to 10%. Now we play on Bridge Now and I have to outrun Declan the Donplayer by 10% to win the week. We score a month at a time but I am losing most months. This week my 63.05% was not good enough to defeat the Donplayers 53.76%.
Last week my 63.5% had no chance against the Donplayer 57%. Now I need to win the final 2 weeks of March to get a draw for the month.
Meanwhile Declan the Donplayer also points out that he is looking down on CBAI Treasurer James Mullally regularly these days without any handicap. I was directing with the Great Mullall in the Elmpark Charity event on Wed night. I mentioned Declan the Donplayers and Great Mullall indicated that he is too busy to be playing bridge all day as he has a business to run and clients to service so he only logs in between clients and does not focus fully on the bridge.
Declan the Donplayer replies …"Well I would like to see Great Mullall hanging off a ladder playing Bridge Now on his phone.
Meanwhile my other protegee Shane the Unblocker has gone quiet. However he thinks he is being smart by stopping at 19 boards on a bad week and going past 19 when he has a decent score.
Out in Dublin North Region Mary Kelly Rogers is running a large Masters League with 18 Teams participating. Team Dave Terry started off by getting a hiding off the Joe Coyne powered  Team Timoney before reorganising and getting a move on. Team Timoney is still out in front but Team Terry got a 19.3 in round 2 followed by 13.9 16.11 and 14.3 to climb into the top 4. In the final match of the Swiss last night Team Terry found Conor O'Hara and Dave Terry on form and Team Gibney got badly mauled on a score of 19.3.... or 63 imps .. The Bearparks put up a decent struggle for Team Gibney.

DNR Masters League Results

Saturday, March 03, 2018

IBU Trials completed with Jack

This evening a few minutes ago I finally completed the IBU trials final.
Unfortunately I confirmed that Hanlon McGann Garvey and Carroll are better than myself and my trusty Jack robot. However I confirmed for myself that although Rory Boland can defeat me at drinking I managed to keep ahead of him at the bridge despite him having a stronger partner than I did.

I thought Hanlon McGann had a big Sunday but it looks like Carroll Garvey got into the zone in the final 2 stanzas. Coyne actually led early on Sunday morning after a slam went awry at the Boland Moran table. They bid a small slam OFF 3 key cards .. Totally bizarre.

Now the scoring I am using is cross imps where one compares with the other 3 tables and averages the imps. Moran and Boland had the misfortune to play all the hard boards so their score is worse for this reason.

Over the last 2 nights I played a couple of BASHES against Murphyslaw. In real life he is Noel Murphy and he beat me on Thursday night but I recovered all on Friday night. Murphy is an A2 player but he does not understand that it is almost impossible for an A2 to defeat me at bridge.
THEREFORE he should be very proud to beat me over 28 boards … You don't get lucky for 28 boards so he must have some talent.
Last Monday morning I partnered Leaping Michael … so called as he always Jumps the bidding any chance he gets. There is a leaping michaels convention hence the name.

Out in Malahide we also have Lightning Murray who fancies himself at the bridge. However it must be played FAST and FURIOUSLY … No stopping for tea or pause for thought or anything else.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Nearly finished IBU trials final.

Despite my best efforts I am a long way behind Carroll Garvey Hanlon and McGann.
However so far I am well ahead of Rory Boland and he is already retired to the bar since board 128.

Still 15 hands to go and I am going backwards ar a fast speed. 
Would be terrible to end up behind Rory Boland. 

Maybe I will get some plus scores to move myself upward. 

Outside in Swords the Beast from the East has landed. Had to sweep snow off Angelas car a while ago so she could go to work. However the dog still asks to go out to do his business. 
Its a little windy and snow is no longer falling. 

Jill Kulchycky who recently won IBU ladies trials (along with Tersesa Rigney) passed away yesterday. Details can be found on Jill also took the Ladies prize at the recent Holmes Wilson Trophy with her team mates. Its not normal to win a trials and be gone before the event you qualified for takes place. 

Anyway I will play the last 15 boards in time and report back. 

The Beast is still blowing outside and its only 724am .. Been up an hour already. 

Camrose Trophy this weekend in CityNorth ...all welcome Beast permitting ..

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Playing the IBU Trials Final with Jack

Over the past few weeks I have been playing the IBU Trials Final with my trusty computer partner JACK ( using 5 card major and strong NT with 2/1.

I am doing ok ..better than some finalists and worse than others. I would expect to be trailing to Hanlon McGann and Carroll Garvey but given my lesser opponents and my Jack partner should have good chance of beating the other players.

Despite vugraphing nearly all sessions I have little memory of the hands so this means its no problem to play a set of hands from the past despite having seen them in real life.

So after 123 hands nearing the end of the 8th set of 16 here are the scores.

My scoring system added 1 extra table of Jacks and my own extra table to the 2 tables of the final thus giving more reality to the cross imping. However I am aware that the additional JACKS may also flaw the scores in someones favour but think it is better than just cross imping 2 tables.

I have a feeling Hanlon McGann will rise to the top in the final 2 sessions as it felt like that while vugraphing. However we will see how it goes.
Maybe Galligan rises to the top with some good scores.
Regardless of result it is great to compare against Irelands best 2 teams or best 6 pairs.

Of course it might have been different is Onishuk rolled home the 7H contract but we will never know.
Once I floored a 7C cold contract by being a trick ahead of myself playing against Ciara Burns and John Murchan. Moral of the story is keep your focus in the slams no matter how easy it looks.

Recently I attended a Tournament Directors Workshop in Cyprus ... God that is a real headwrecker.
However I am better as a director because of it.

Monday, February 05, 2018

IBU Trials Final Sets 5 6 7

Down in the Clayton Leopardstown on Saturday 27th early the IBU Trials Final between a hard working COYNE panel and a kind of lack lustre Barton team continued.

Set 5 was action packed with 82 imps shared between the two teams ..

Saturday continued with Barton gaining 15 imps early but Coyne responded with a  33-7 imp finish  to  to tighten the match closer. Part of these imps saw 4H redoubled making at one table followed by a quick game swing added to that.

So now after 96 of the 160 boards it was a 3 imp game Coyne 190 plays Barton 193.

Meanwhile back on Galligans laptop Galligan and Jack computer took up the challenge using 1set of Jack comparisons plus my table plus the live trials comparisons.For the moment Galligan is doing well on paper but Galligan received a large gift of Jack flooring 7 spades when cold and gifting Galligan 57 imps when making the contract was probably 20 imps the other way so near 80 cross imps on 1 board of a gift. However that's what happened. Even Hanlon nods the odd time.

The final 16 boards on Saturday came up so lets see.

On the 2nd board Glynn rolled home 4HX while 5C  went down at the other table.
On the 9th board Garvey pulled one of his back catalog 8 card 2C openings and that ended in 3N down 4 for minus 400 ...added to the cold 5C for 600 made 1000 … and 14 imps
Team Barton went on a little rumble for the last 7 boards racking up 25-2 imps trim the lead.
Overall Score on Saturday night left both sides sleeping on 223 imps each ..a draw.

The final board on Saturday saw the first wind of Storm Hanlon on the horizon finding a good berth in 4H on a Moysian fit ...the old 4-3.

Monday, January 29, 2018

IBU Trials Final 2018 first 64 boards and Declan the Donplayer.

Meanwhile over in the Power Suite in the Clayton Hotel in Leopardstown Team Coyne and Team Barton went into battle. Team Coyne after playing Team Barton to a 64-61 match in the recent Camrose Trophy in Belfast felt capable of doing an upset. They had added the formidable partnership of Terry Walsh and Derek O'Gorman and disassembled two other partnerships to make Keaveney Glynn into a working relationship.

Set 1 .. saw Barton take a 7 imp lead. Board 9 had a club slam EW but both North Souths declared in 3S and 4S respectively both doubled and 9 imps to Coyne. Hanlon McGann gained 12 imps for 4DX later on. Otherwise a few small imps in and out.

Set 2 saw Coyne win by 8 imps mainly due to a Grand Slam bid by Walsh O'Gorman. Barton team got a couple of 9 imps swings in return.

Set 3 was the final 16 boards of Friday evening and lets see

Hanlon McGann got into 1NT light 3 non-vul while team mates rolled home 3NT EW.
Barton also gained 13 on 5D made against 5D down 1

So Barton by 23 overnight..

Top of Set 4 Coyne would blow away that lead with a 36-6 start.
but Barton came back with a slam v game  swing and a game swing.

So it was Barton leading by 13 after 64 boards ...Nothing in it.

Meanwhile back in Swords … Eamon has mistakenly given Declan the Donplayer a 10% handicap on Bridge-Now. Declan Donplayer beat me in December and I had to buy him a pint.
Now its January and its 2-2 with the final score due on January 31st.
Last night Declan advised me that he has posted 68% after 23 boards so I need an impossible 78% to win. However I don't believe him as he has never broken 60%. 
However he was touting that he would be looking down on BJ O'Brien next week and maybe even beating that Karl Cashin.

Friday, January 26, 2018

IBU Trials Final 2018 COYNE v MORAN

In about 1 hour the Final of the IBU Trials 2018 will be begin.

Venue : Clayton Hotel Leopardstown ... I think

Friday 3 sets of 16 boards starting at 330pm

Saturday 4 sets of 16 boards starting at 10am

Sunday  3 sets of 16 boards starting at 10am

Vugraph on BBO will run throughout along with live running scores on FOB

I presume visitors are welcome but I have not been to the site yet.

Heading off shortly ..

Had to cancel my arranged bridge game with a visibly disappointed Conor O;Hara tonight.


Last night in Malahide Conor O'Hara rolled back the years and anchored Dave Terry to success in the 2018 renewal of the Maurice Quinn Memorial Stakes. Did not need to use the whip at all,