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Sunday, December 09, 2018

Stanza 3 of Jim Cahill Premier Pairs plus a video

I just played the 3rd stanza of 7 boards of the Jim Cahill Premier Pairs.
Jim gathered 8 capable Irish pairs to compete for some good prizes over the weekend of Nov 9th to 11th 2018.
I made a tournament for Jack using the results and adding in 1 play by the GIB robots.
After 21 boards I rank in 10th place of 12 but some well known bridge capabilities are behind me.
One is the incredible BJ O'Brien.
However on 41.9% I am a long way from my normal 55% plus  efforts at bridge. Maybe I am not as good as I think. I will keep playing even if I get dumped into the 30s.

Below is another video made from the Bridgebase challenges. This is a great new method of playing bridge against friends on BBO.

Galligan v PW

Master Pairs 2018 ...Moving Day

Good morning all.
Its Master Pairs Sunday and moving day. The only day.
Marquee Pair Adam Mesbur and Nicolas Fitzgibbon lead the way and are rolling along nicely with a 12 VP lead on the recent fast risers Delaney and Brady. Delaney Brady may have presented too early but as Delaney will say if we are to win we have to defeat and overtake the current leaders.
However it is hard to squeeze a trick out of Mesbur Fitz let alone put together 20 tricks and a convincing win. Any the first hour of Sunday morning will tell. I am with Adam and Nick.

Meanwhile the peleton are gathered behind these 2. There are lots of good Irish players in the top 40 places. Coyne Garvey will be climbing into the top 10but have to overcome the elegant Conor Boland and the snarling presence of Kelan O'Connor. However maybe Kelan has matured with age. John Phelan touts Boland O'Connor as the next FitzMes but I think there is about 40 years of work to be done first. It might have been a beer goggled thought.

. The new partnership of Moran MacAongusa can do damage due to training done and international experience. Gilligan Ronan two bulldozers from Malahide face up to the elegant Cian Holland and the intelligent Anna Onishuk. Would be an interesting match to watch. Goodman Keaveney meet the incredible BJ O'Brien and the solid citizen Ranald Milne. BJ is incredible as he reaches and makes incredible contracts. However some years ago BJ won 6 Nationals and podium-ed in the other 3. So not to be sniffed at. Porteus Barry meet Ronan Marcin. Wonder who will win between Wheels Fitzgibbon and Wooden Spoons Kenny. O'Lubaigh McAulliffe could be there with 3 rounds to go.
MacCormac Barr meet the brothers O'Briain. There is also the looming presence of Brays John Noonan and Carol Ann Cummins.

So lets see how it all pans out as we are reaching the scoring up time

Anyway they played the 4 matches of today and Fitzgibbon Mesbur won in a photo finish from O'Gorman Walsh with Delaney Brady a further 10 VPs behind.

Masters Pairs Final result

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Galligan new video versus PW

After some pleading by regular opponent for a new video here we go. 16 board BBO challenge using South set at best hand. I played boards 1-5 and then stopped as I felt I was going bad.
Went into the kitchen and started recording. Seemed to be playing better

Galligan v PW 11 boards

Went down 3 on two boards once 150 non vul and not so costly but once vulnerable and minus 300 so that cost more. Also I butchered a 4H and went down 2 from a high double dummy of 11 tricks so I blew 3 tricks on declarer play.

Not as bad as one of my chess playing bridge partners who one day in Kilkenny managed to blow 5 doubled undertricks in 3 leads. A power packed performance. His explanation ... I am driving can get out and walk if you mention it once more.

We will get back to the Ireland Premier Pairs shortly. We need to up our game severely there.
40% is a problem ... but more of a problem is my Jack 6 program has lost its ability to record my
score when it exits. Something to do with Galligan messing with the hidden and read only settings
of the files in the Appdata folder.

Meanwhile out in Malahide Regional Bridge Club I ran a teams competition which attracted only 11 teams. A 2 week event and the players wanted to play each team once and once only and also have direct matches. So 10 matches and an enforced sitout. Now as a reasonably  established tournament director I don't do sitouts if possible and here I had experienced players wanting to enforce a 5-6 board sitout on all teams .... Beats me ...
I grabbed the nettle and played 8 rounds of 3 board matches each week and no 5-6 board sitout.
Several players are still moaning about why I would not want to impose a 5-6 board sitout.
Sorry but I don't understand ...

Friday, November 23, 2018

Premier Pairs Stanza2

Good evening folks
I played another 7 boards of the Ireland Premier Pairs. Its tough going and my score is 40%.
I am going to have to play better.

Still though I am ahead of 4 Irish bridge icons. The one name club BJ Terry Rex and David.
Going to have to be much more cautious and play much better.

I have the full 147 boards made into a tourney for Jack 6 so if anybody wants it let me know
Also full pbn file of all 147 boards and all players and their efforts.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Ireland Premier Pairs first 7 boards

On the weekend November 9th-11th I attended the Ireland Premier Pairs event as vugraph co-ordinator. It took me about 14 boards to get fully going but eventually we got going in stanzas of 7 boards each,
This is an annual invitational event of matchpoint pairs sponsored by Irish bridge player Jim Cahill and co-ordinated by a committee led by Ann Tuite.
I don't know anything about how one gets to play in this event but it seems to be mainly grandmasters of bridge or full internationals approximately and one has to be available on the designated weekend.

The scoring is matchpoints which is not the normal food of the regular BBO kibitzer but thats the conditions of contest.

Myself and a chap called David Doran have made a tournament for Jack bridge program using the results of the Irish Premier Pairs and one run of 4 GIB robots. I played the first 7 boards and I am well placed for a comeback. I am currently in a tie with well known NIBU internationals Rex Anderson and David Greenwood. I must be decent to be in a tie with Rex Anderson.

So there you have it ... room to improve.
I don't feel I have made a mistake but am down there in 11th place by alphabetic ranking.
More to follow.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Premier Pairs after 2 sessions

Adam Mesbur & Nick Fitzgibbon
Tom Hanlon & John Carroll
Cian Holland & Anna Onishuk
Rex Anderson & David Greenwood
BJ O'Brien & Terry Walsh
Eddie Fitzgerald & Michael MacDonagh
Peter Goodman & Mike Pownall
Ciaran Coyne & David Walsh

Well my first 2 horses are placed 1st and 2nd ... I got Coyne Walsh all wrong but a fast start tomorrow could rise them a little. Lets be fair though there is nothing between 4th and 7th. 
Mesbur Fitzgibbon Hanlon Carroll and Onishuk Holland have been the pairs in form so far. 

I have a 1 euro bet with Joe Coyne about Onishuk Holland against Goodman Pownell.
my horse Goodpown is 3% down at the moment and thats after 2 sessions so they better 
play well tomorrow. 

Now the more serious side of the event .. 
3 sessions with prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd of 1000 500 250 for each session. 
Thats 9 prizes for the sessions 

Then 1st overall is 2500 euros 
.........2nd overall is 1500 euros 
.........3rd overall is 600 euros 

No pair may win more than 3 prizes

and curremtly 5 pairs have won a prize out of the 8 entrants ..

For vugraph we have help from Conor Boland Nathan Doyle Stephen Barr Michael McAulliffe Aoife McHale and I operated a few sessions myself.
Downstairs in the bar Barbara Seligman is talking about all the hands as they come up. 
Some of her favourite words begin with the letter G. Was it a ghostly contract ..
My account is enabled for voice commentary and I was hoping it was not turned on as I logged 
the PC in on my account. Would have been the best vugraph commentary ever. 

A player was late this morning and jokingly I offered to play a board and my offer was accepted. 
Sadly playing 5 card majors my style is short club opener rebids 1NT with balanced and will only show a 4 card major when unbalanced. 
1C 1D 
1NT 3NT ...... when we had a 4-4 spade fit ... 

Board 35 I think and the Heart 9 was led. I was just about to declare for 10 tricks and maybe something in the wash when the late player arrived. I offered to finish the hand but I was sent back to vugraph operator. I would have walked home 10 tricks and had a shot at some guard squeeze in the wash for 11. So when I handed over my cards there was 10 on top but I was not so good at the vugraph operating and could only make 9 tricks 

Fair play to the partner for standing by its late partner and discussing the merits of a 4S contract 
when the truth is given a minute or 2 more I would have got the 10 or 11 tricks for 2nd top on the board. 
Maybe I should be playing in this event ... but then ..........

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Ireland Premier Pairs 208

This weekend Nov 9-11 in the Regent Bridge Club we hold the 3rd renewal of the  Ireland Premier Pairs, This event is organised by Jim Cahill and Ann Tuite and takes place in the Regent Bridge Club. They also have a committeee of another 7 or 8 people. 

We will broadcast on Bridgebase Online the full event. 
The event is scored using matchpoints so every trick counts if the players choose the same contract. 

Paeticipants are 

Tom Hanlon & John Carroll
Adam Mesbur & Nick FitzGibbon
Peter Goodman & Mike Pownell
Brendan O'Brien & Terry Walsh
Ciaran Coyne & David Walsh
Rex Anderson & David Greenwood
Cian Holland & Anna Onishuk

and late replacements Edward Fitzgerald and Michael McDonagh.... maybe its MacDonagh.

So who will win ... well I don't know but I will make a guess
but I think plus or minus a place should be available to me. 

8th McDonagh Fitzgerald
7th Anderson Greenwood
6th BJ O'Brien Terry Walsh
5th Cian Holland Anna Onishuk 
4th Peter Goodman Mike Pownell
3rd Ciaran Coyne David Walshe
2nd Hanlon Carroll
1st Mesbur Fitzgibbon

Now Greenwood wrote a book on pairs bridge but I don't think
Anderson read it. 
McDonagh Fitgerald are placed 8th in my estimation as they 
have not featured for many years as a partnership. 
O'Brien Walsh are down there as they are not a regular partnership despite being near the podium in many national events over last 20 years but not as partners. 

So play starts at 430pm tomorrow evening in the Regent. 
We will run a vugraph room down in the basement. 

Declan Byrne ... Regent premises 
Martin Brady ... Tournament Directing 
Eamon Galligan vugraph
Jim Cahill Anne Tuite eveything else

All day Saturday 
Sunday until evening

Eamon Galligan


Sunday, October 21, 2018

Coen Trophy 2018 Mixed Teams

63 teams take the floor in the 2018 Coen Trophy.

The monsters chase the Trophy and the lesser players chase the B points.

So who will win.

The powerful Kenny squad should go well. Kenny Rigney Glynn and Keaveney.
The Coyne squad sporting the Spiro Cup winners along with Michael McGloughlin and Heidi Lillis.
The Pattinson squad sporting 2 Grandmonsters and two Reddans might manage it
Another squad worthy of note is the Kemple squad. 12 years ago Kemple explained to me how she was a better declarer than Galligan .... 12 years later she must have double dummy status.
Kemple also sports Grandmasters Goodman and Walsh in her bag.

Stewart Noonan Roche and Boland are other teams worthy of mention.

Stewart features the ever green Peter Pigot Junior along with legendary lady player Hilary McDonagh.
Conor Boland and Kelan O'Connor have teamed up with experienced Emer Joyce and LizAnn O'Reilly.
The Porteus squad has plenty of experience but might lack in the stamina department.
Noonan and Cummins are always near the top of Mixed events.

The NIBU squad of Murchan Connolly Fitzpatrick and Curran don't seem to be confident at the moment. However if Murchan has his bunny gun with him they could feature.
Murchan is one of the greatest bunny hunters in Ireland. However he has thin skin and loves roast beef. However you cannot shoot a cow with a bunny gun.

Ann Dillon sporting Cian Holland Maria Barry and Sean O'Lubaigh could do some damage although Cian has lots of eperience to carry on his back. Cian is one of the most under rated players in Ireland ...a real bridge player and tough opponent. I heard him touted as one of Irelands greatest bridge talents about 15 years ago.

I have looked thru all the teams line by line and I don't see the podium places  coming outside the above listed 11 teams ...

Lets see how I go

Good luck to all