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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Coen Trophy 2018 Mixed Teams

63 teams take the floor in the 2018 Coen Trophy.

The monsters chase the Trophy and the lesser players chase the B points.

So who will win.

The powerful Kenny squad should go well. Kenny Rigney Glynn and Keaveney.
The Coyne squad sporting the Spiro Cup winners along with Michael McGloughlin and Heidi Lillis.
The Pattinson squad sporting 2 Grandmonsters and two Reddans might manage it
Another squad worthy of note is the Kemple squad. 12 years ago Kemple explained to me how she was a better declarer than Galligan .... 12 years later she must have double dummy status.
Kemple also sports Grandmasters Goodman and Walsh in her bag.

Stewart Noonan Roche and Boland are other teams worthy of mention.

Stewart features the ever green Peter Pigot Junior along with legendary lady player Hilary McDonagh.
Conor Boland and Kelan O'Connor have teamed up with experienced Emer Joyce and LizAnn O'Reilly.
The Porteus squad has plenty of experience but might lack in the stamina department.
Noonan and Cummins are always near the top of Mixed events.

The NIBU squad of Murchan Connolly Fitzpatrick and Curran don't seem to be confident at the moment. However if Murchan has his bunny gun with him they could feature.
Murchan is one of the greatest bunny hunters in Ireland. However he has thin skin and loves roast beef. However you cannot shoot a cow with a bunny gun.

Ann Dillon sporting Cian Holland Maria Barry and Sean O'Lubaigh could do some damage although Cian has lots of eperience to carry on his back. Cian is one of the most under rated players in Ireland ...a real bridge player and tough opponent. I heard him touted as one of Irelands greatest bridge talents about 15 years ago.

I have looked thru all the teams line by line and I don't see the podium places  coming outside the above listed 11 teams ...

Lets see how I go

Good luck to all

Saturday, October 20, 2018

CBAI Mixed Weekend 2018

This weekend sees the Spiro Cup and Coen Trophy  taking place in Dublin for Mixed Pairs and Teams. There are 112 pairs entered in the Spiro Cup and Galligans first task will be to pick the top 10 finishers in no particular order.

Dillon Holland
Cummins Noonan
Fitzgerald Coyne
Seligman Fitzgibbon
Joyce Boland
Gannon McAndrew
Gililand VanWoerkom
Connolly Murchan
Whelan O'Connor

Honorable mentions for

McDonagh Taaffe
Lillis McGloughlin
McDonagh Stewart
Part O'Brien

So lets see how many make the top 15

The Ireland Team headed by Mark Moran continued their preparation for the Camrose
Trials with a training trip to Vilnius Lithuania. However they lost one match heavily and thus
failed to make up the ground to make the top 2 places in their group of 6.
A 4th placing left them short of the semi finals.
Next was Teams qualifier and IRELAND were a long way short of making the TOP 8.
Currently our 2 pairs play in the very strong pairs event full of powerful Polish players.
Moran MacAonghusa are in 19th place after 40 boards with Hanlon Carroll back in 48th place out of 132 pairs.
An indication of the strength of this field is the position of
B Gierulski J Skrzypczak in 132nd and last place at the moment.

They are a recognised and capped Polish pair.

Vilnius Cup 2018

The above link shows the resutlts and running scores

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Drogheda Congress 2018

Drogheda Congress takes place this weekend with the redoubtable Fearghal O'Boyle at the helm one expects.

All details on everything on Drogheda Congress can be found at the link below

Drogheda Bridge Congress 2018

The Lady Milne trials took place last weekend with 8 pairs qualifying for the squad which will form 2 teams to take part in the Lady Milne Trophy in Gormanston in April 2019.

Congratulations to Gilda Pender and Hilary McDonagh who are the first pair to reach the magic 130 VP quota in just 10 rounds and qualify for the top 8 group.  They have just been followed over the line in round 11 by Teresa Rigney and Joan Kenny and also by Ann O’Connell and Valerie Burke-Moran.  Louise Mitchell and Maureen Pattinson along with Jean Kelly and Betty Cotter, Emer Joyce and Kathleen Vaughan , join the list of qualifiers after round 12.  That leaves just two places to fill in the last round!  Those two places go to Dolores Gilliland and Lucy Phelan and to Cathy Bearpark and LizAnn O’Reilly.  Well done to all.

The above running commentary as the pairs qualified has been taken from 

Fearghals website

All details on Lady Milne trials 2018 can be found there

While visiting Fearghals website I spotted a mention of the 2018 Camrose trials.
7 teams have entered

CBAI Camrose Trials
7 teams have entered for this years Camrose Trials.  The draw for team numbers will be based on the results of tonight’s Lotto draw (Wed 3rd October).  The first 7 numbers drawn on the night will be assigned to the 7 teams in the order listed below.  The teams will then be ordered in ascending order of their lotto number and then renumbered 1 to 7.  Lotto Numbers in brackets.

4.   Micheal O’Briain, Padraig O’Briain, BJ O’Brien, Ranald Milne (32)

1.   Tom Hanlon, John Caroll, Mark Moran, Donal MacAonghusa (3)

7.   Ciaran Coyne, Derek O’Gorman, David Walsh, Enda Glynn, Gay Keaveney, Pat McDevitt (46)

3.   Martin Brady, Paul Delaney, John Phelan, Lucy Phelan, Conor Boland, Karel de Raeymaeker (10)

5.   Thomas MacCormac, Ronan McMaugh, Marcin Rudzinski, John Connolly, Stephen Barr, Michael Donnelly (33)

2.  Diarmuid Reddan, Louise Mitchell, Bob Pattinson, Maureen Pattinson (4)

6.  Richard Elvin, Kathleen Vaughan, Maria Whelan, Eileen O’Donovan (35)

I wonder did Fearghal use those numbers .. I heard there was a winner in Dublin.

I am afraid its still Team 1  Thomas Hanlon team for me. I knew the Hanlon team has something missing. McGann is gone on his holidays. However the new MacAonghusa Moran partnership is bedding in well.

Team 2 ... Diarmuid Reddan ... 4 person team ... stamina will wear them down despite the presence of their two grandmasters of bridge.

Team 3 .., Martin Brady .. 3 full internationals along with the experienced Brady Delaney and the intelligent Conor Boland. They are good swimmers but they are not sharks.

Team 4   O'Briain brothers plus BJ and Ranald.. well 3 of them can almost walk to the venue.
However a 4 man team with their best days behind them is going to tire as each day ends.
Maybe they need to have a couple of substitutes on the side just in case.
I would play 12 boards for 50 euros if they need.

Team 5 Thomas MacCormac ... Now here is a team that won't be phased by any other team.
4 of these lads have been attending US Nationals for the last few years and on one occasion took on the world reknowned NICKEL team in a 64 board match losing narrowly. (on each board)
They are the Irish arm of the Great American Bridge Tour.

Team 6 .. Richard Elvin ... This team will need to find much improvement on recent form to
remain competitive.

Team 7 Ciaran Coyne ...A 6 man team with plenty of experience who put it up to the full
Hanlon team in last years IBU trials and only fell away in the last stanza.

I will say top 3 teams will be MacCormac Coyne and Hanlon .. Its a round robin so one heavy loss
to another favourite could end a teams interest. I don't know the conditions of contest but I presume its first past the post. This means on Monday afternoon there could be room for some sportsman dumping. However Hanlon should be able to win from the front starting off with ELVIN.

I made a video of me losing to the country gentleman YET AGAIN ..

Galligan v Country Gentleman

Losing by 24 imps ..

Friday, September 28, 2018

Lady Milne Trials begin and Orlando continues

This evening in 15 minutes time the CBAI Lady Milne trials begin.
14 pairs take to the floor. I logged into Fearghal O'Boyles website to see how it is going.

I was greeted with a new fangled results service ..

Lady Milne running scores

Now I don't know yet if this is an upgraded Fearghal or if it is a different tournament director.
One never knows ... It could be John Royds .. He is progressive but Fearghal is technical.
All will be revealed. It could even be Diarmuid Reddan.

Earlier this afternoon I was looking through the Open Pairs Semi Final A. I was reading from the bottom up. I spotted the drop in pair Mesbur and Fitzgibbon marooned in last place on 40% after 14 boards. Not far above lay Hanlon McGann. In the places 87-118 I can comfortably  count 30 world renowned players and there would also be several from the Far East whose names would not be familiar to me. So  Mesbur Fitzgibbon on 41% after 16 boards is not terminal as a good next 16 will bring them up to near half way. Hanlon McGann on the other hand are on 42% or so after 64 boards so they have a harder climb. However this is a serious level event. There are World champions in this bottom end too.

So an event with Irelands top pairs near the bottom must be serious level of bridge especially in this new cleaned up version of bridge.

Orlando World Championship results

Texan Aces fail in World quarter final

Early this morning I watched the World Bridge quarter final featuring Team Zimmerman and the Texan Aces. Adam Mesbur and Nick Fitzgibbon featured as one of the Texan Aces pairs.
This competition started off with 114 teams and our lads and their team mates reached the final 8.

In the final segment with Texan Aces trailing by 75 to 97 with 8 boards to score it was time to make a move. Like when DON cardgame when you are trailing in the 2nd deal by a decent number you play out the BIG DON and hope partner has the ACE to get the ball rolling.
Anyway this hand came up
Now my man John Phelan had just sent me a private message stating Mesbur Fitzgibbon are Irelands greatest ever bridge partnership and he also started no disrespect to any of the younger pairs who also have many achievements in bridge.
However on this hand one felt the lads needed to bid and make 7 Spades to put the pressure on their illustrious opponents. Helgemo Helness regarded as one of the worlds best pairs aided by the legendary Gawrys from Poland and his younger partner Klukowski .. already a Bermuda Bowl winner possibly in his teens a few years ago. 13 tricks on top although its hard to be able to bid out the diamond queen as an asset but trailing by 22 with boards running out its time for a move.
You could do keycard blackwood and then specific kings ..and after that its on owning a QUEEN in the minors or at worst a finesse. Nobody is saying bidding the grand would win the match but it would add some pressure at their own table and add some confidence to their partnership.

Anyway it was not to be they stopped in 6S for a flat board.
Meanwhile our other pairs Hanlon McGann are struggling in World Pairs semi final A on 42% after 3 sessions and Carroll Garvey are in the B semi final but faring somewhat better. Of course the B final would be easier but with fewer to qualify. I think 52 pairs qualify for the Final but I don't know for sure or what the breakdown is for qualifying from each semi final.
Finally I made another video of a bridge challenge that I played today.
Here it is .... Beware it is posted as made so no edits done

Galligan v ChallengerW

I won this one ...but after conceding the 16 imp handicap I lose out.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Lady Milne 2018 Trials Entries

The entries for this years Lady Milne trials are as follows. 14 pairs

1 Jeannie Fitzgerald & Frances Kelly
2 Antoinette McGee & Aoife MacHale
3 Gilda Pender & Hilary McDonagh
4 Louise Mitchell & Maureen Pattinson
5 Teresa Rigney & Joan Kenny
6 Brid Kirby & Marian Croke
7 Brid Kemple & Siobhan Part
8 Liz Taaffe & Bernie Lodewijks
9 Ann O’Connell & Valerie Burke-Moran
10 Cathy Bearpark & LizAnn O’Reilly
11 Emer Joyce & Kathleen Vaughan
12 Dolores Gilliland & Lucy Phelan
13 Jean Kelly & Betty Cotter
14 Maria Whelan & Eileen O’Donovan

I got this from

Fearghal indicates that the top 8 pairs will qualify to form a squad which will eventually produce 2 teams of 6 and 2 pairs of reserve pairs. 

Personally I would get rid of the Lady Milne trials and put the whole 14 pairs into a training squad that trains one long day a month and the long day includes 3 matches of qualifying and some education on how to play bridge. Of course this could be changed to 2 day sessions once every 2 months. Then we get some learning and training done instead of a sprint for the top 8 places. 

Being honest I could not make any attempt to pick which 6 pairs will miss out. 
One would expect the longer standing partnerships to have a better chance in this
sprint format. New partnerships just will have less partnership agreements in place. 
I think nearly all partnerships have at least one Lady Milne cap if not 2 in the pair. 

Anyway it all kicks off on Friday September 28th with 3 matches starting at 6pm.
6 matches follow on Moving Saturday and 4 more matches on Sunday. 

The Lady Milne Trials 2018 are happening

Good afternoon all few of ye.

This weekend coming we have the Lady Milne trials 2018. This year as Ireland is the host we have 2 teams taking part, That means 6 pairs will qualify for the teams Ireland and CBAI.
I will head off to Fearghals website shortly to see who is playing this year.

In the meantime I will post the latest video I just made. This one has the final 8 boards of my latest challenge against Magic. Magic is a keen bridge player who used to sit beside me at work and I taught him bridge from scratch. He is now an A2 player in the CBAI. Since then I have also created Declan the Donplayer and Shane the Unblocker. Those two lads don't play much in bridge clubs but they have been taught the game. Declan the Donplayer is well known from my blog and he absolutely loves the game. Shane is a little less forward going as he thinks he knows it all.

Galligan v Magic

Now Magic should have won the above challenge in comfort but he lost 1100 twice and 800 once for
a total of 38 imps out. In short he made more and bigger mistakes than Eamon.
In the challenge today we had P 1H X P to me holding 5 card hearts. I made the stupid bid of PASS thinking we will beat this easily. If I put my brain in gear first all would have been well.  See the video on boards 2 and 3 for how not to play bridge.

Meanwhile on the way through Fearghals site I see a picture of Congress Pairs winners 2018 and to be honest I have never laid eyes on these two women in my life. So they must be visitors from afar.
I went on Fearghals results site and amazingly I cannot find the Congress Pairs result. So maybe it is one of Fearghals trick questions. He has a wry sense of humour this Fearghal. Two unknowns and no result on website. Whats going on. Congress Pairs 2018. Weird.

Whats also weird is the D/UAIS .. The prize awards went RM1 AM1 AM2 AM3 RM2
However in my world of prize awarding the first 2 MAs should win the RM2 prizes like normal.
Also no prize for Una O'Gorman Peter 'Meara ...can the presidents partner not win a prize.
and finally MR2 is given to a Regional Master when it should be already gone to an AM.
In short all RM and AM prizes should be taken by AMs no question it beats me how that worked. Its just impossible .

Guess I will have to do the Lady Milne names tomorrow as its time for eats

Oh by the way ... the World Bridge Federation have a you tube broadcast each night at 1740 from Orlando. Its interesting as sometimes one gets different viewpoints than the normal commentary.
Last night they had Georgio Duboin Alfredo Versace and young italian superstar Donati. In all 7 world champions commentated. The first show was like 2 Mickey O'Ks talking about bridge but its much better now that they have learned.

You can find the videos here and they are interesting

World Bridge Federation Youtube videos

Unfortunately the team called Moran got beaten in the Round of 64 last night.
They were playing shorthanded due to a bereavement of one of their players.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Galligan v Country Gentleman

This afternoon I finished off my latest 16 board challenge against the country gentleman who fancies himself at bridge. I had 6 bad efforts in the first 8 boards so reckoned I was trailing badly. At the end as anyone who goes to the end of the video will see ..I was correct. I got killed on about 10 boards.
However some justice prevailed and I managed to only lose by 9 imps.

I think its a good video as nobody is really identified and nobody is libeled or bad mouthed.
Some good commentary happens and we see the results at the end.

A person watching this video could agree or disagree with my bids as an exercise.
However its up to the watcher if they get this far.

In this new GDPR world one has to be careful not to annoy anyone or even mention anyone by name.
I am lucky in that I have a few folk who have given me permission to speak away for the good of bridge.
One guy said to me the other day .. I want another video and I don't care what you say as its all good learning Its good to play the hands and later see how you thought as you played the same hands as me.

So here it is

Galligan v Country Gentleman

Please understand the above video and others are recorded live and published unedited at the moment. Also the content is unrehearsed so no preparation is done in advance like in most training videos.

Soon I will deliver some prepared content videos but I will have read the book first and the knowledge will be correct.

Eamon Galligan

PS ..If you don't play bridge and have somehow wandered here ..don't go away ..
go to  google and enter "Learn to play Bridge or ask me or 087 9032505
Its a great game .. ..

PSS .. "I love this game " .. Declan the Donplayer ..

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Duais Peadar Sept 22nd

This weekend down in Athlone at the Hodsom Bay hotel on one of the corners of Lough Ree the Presidents Prize will take place. A fine venue which even has parking for boats. So you could cruise to the Presidents Prize although there would have been a major blow out there today.  108 pairs are entered already including the incredible BJ O'Brien and the faultless Sean O'Lubaigh.
Funny thing though I did not see any Peters entered in the event. Guess the President is not allowed win his prize. At least Una Walsh is playing so thats okay but its the young chap opposite her one needs to watch.
After that it is Lady Milne trials with the long eye on Orlando for the World championship event starting on September 21st I believe.

The Talk that never was

The link above is to Bridgewinners where a long article about the legendary Blue Team exists.
However that might have been the way cards was played in that long ago era. Just like in my local drinking den.
Last night Declan the Don player pulled me up for playing out of turn ..,,,
I only had the SPADE 8 and had to follow suit ..I was not ready for his long pause and expected him to play in tempo. So when my card hit the table in tempo he started to cry about playing out of turn.
I watched the next hand and 3 times Declan played out of turn and nobody noticed.
Heart Heart Jack and the last chap had to play the 9. In Don the 9 is a scoring card and the cardplay is the same as bridge and whist. So now Declan the Blue Donplayer knows his partner has Heart Ace so wheels out the Heart King out of turn. His partner throws the 5 another scoring card and the game moves swiftly on despite my protects about out of turn .. Declan Donplayer satys .. "Eamon you are not playing in this one so shut up ..and let us get on with it.... our way "

Anyway enough about Declan the Donplayer ....

This morning I finished off the match against challengerW and it was a large success.
Here is the video ..

Galligan v ChallengerW

Match 4 Mixed Trials qualification

Good morning folks.

As some will know trials for Euro Mixed teams took place in Galway last weekend.
 I have already indicated my view on the format but that was looking through a players eyes.
From the selectors or organizers side one hopes to arrive at the best 3 pairs and hope they will function as a team.
The results show the organizers got close to the best selection.

Cian Holland and Anna Onishuk ... Anna the most competitive lady in the country at the moment meaning she is a damn good player. along with new Mixed Partner Cian Holland who at one time was touted to be the next Thomas Hanlon so thats one good pair.

Gay Keaveney and Teresa Rigney .. top of many piles of rish bridge events for years.

Michael McGloughlin and Heidi Lillis also regulars at the top end of many leaderboards for many years. McGloughlin and Keavney played for Ireland after putting together an impromptu partnership back in the early 1990s  i think.

The next runner would be Enda Glynn and Wooden Spoons Kenny. but they did not run fast enough.
So the organizers got a good result.

In order to sample the athmosphere I am playing some of the matches against JACK.
As I had slipped down close to the bottom after 10 8.65 and 4.21 matches I turned my robot opponents down a notch and was rewarded with 2 games going down. One was a wrong game and the other they went in 3NT with no HEART stop. So I won match 4 by 18 imps.

Match 4 Mixed Trials qualifier.

So after 4 matches I have about 39.5 VPs leaving me in about 14th place of 27
Still well short of qualifiying if  I was playing.