Monday, May 03, 2021

Bankers Mini Congress Teams and board 3 is a grand slam for some folk

 I made up a file for the Bankers Mini Congress Teams from Sunday May 2nd 2021..thats yesterday. 

I am proud to announce that my Jack robot sailed into 7H on a nice auction on board 3 of round 1

1. 2 plus clubs 
2. Roman Key Card 
3. 3 key cards 
4. Have you got queen of trumps 
5. Yes but I don't have any kings 

Grand so I will bid 7 says my robot 

We had a few only getting to game and a good few more who managed to bid the small slam 

Names are withheld on this site but can probably be found on the Bankers bridgewebs 

The 3 folks in games might need to have a little look at their bidding maybe ...I did not look to see who they were. 

From Norths point of view once it gets some heart support and 3 keys from the blackwood it is pretty much in Grand slam. Even with ordinary Blackwood and a little support from partner in Hearts its enough. Looking for Trump Queen is probably overkill but will cover a 3-0 break offside. 

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