Monday, January 11, 2021

A man goes down in 6NT when he might have done better. Losing 4 imps plus the gain for making

 Ireland Open Imps Pairs at 8pm every night on BBO. This is a good training session as well as competition. You won't leave this event without some story. 

The man arrived in 6NT declared by South.
Spade 10 lead and no opposition bidding. Despite the 33 hcp 12 tricks don't appear straight away. So our man wins Spade Ace and plays off Heart Ace and East shows out. 
Any ideas about making or is it time to surrender.

Meanwhile the Camrose was in full flight and Ireland were going strong after dispatching Scotland and England. Next up little Northern Ireland. Despite the presence of 120 times capped Rex Anderson and ironman David Greenwood there was no doubt another victory was guaranteed. At half time 42 imps behind it was no problem. Not even the appearance of the most form player of the last 9 months mattered. Tranmer and Sommerville maintained the lead for the tiring Greenwood Anderson and NIBU remained 40 odd imps ahead. 

Meanwhile it gradually came to light that Scotland only had a 4 man team. Some pairs internet was kaput and the rules indicated no subs allowed. A mention was made of the 4 handed CBAI team of 2007 decimated by bereavement which reduced to 3 players when one of their number got very sick. However in that instance CBAI were 26 ahead with the final match only worth 25 so the captains when polled agreed it was okay for the sick player to go to bed where he remained for about 17 hours.
Nobody bothered to tell David Jackson the NPC that he was going into battle until 5 minutes before game time. 
So it was new partnership Tommy Garvey and David Jackson who took on Scotland. 
Anyone making the 6NT contract above. 

Bridgebase online competitive all tournaments and search for eamongall. 2 BBO dollars gets you 28 boards of good hands and usually some very capable opponents. The Swiss format means most folk play against their peers. 

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