Sunday, August 02, 2020

Sunday Jack game "Free Imps 635pm"

If I am around in early evening Today Sunday  I will put up a 20 table FREE game as it seems BBO have left me able to still run FREE games for now. Look around 445pm for a 635pm start of 12 boards unclocked ..meaning fast finish quicker. 

Only 20 tables allowed as my eamongall is limited to 20 tables.

Ireland Imps Pairs 2030 nightly

Ireland Imps ..A Training session not a game

Ireland Imp pairs 830pm every night ..24 boards but we can do 27 boards by request if the players will be willing to Zoom along. Swiss format.

The Ireland Imps Pairs is the best training session a pair can have for Teams. The boards are fairly exciting as I deal a few extra and throw out about 4 ordinary ones. You won't come away from an Ireland Imps pairs without some story.

This morning I thought I would play my own imp pairs against Jack courtesy of David Doran who made me a little script to download the results and names and stuff so I could play it on Jack.
So off I went ... Still have 4 boards to go
This is the event of July 9th 2020 and was 24 boards.
As can be seen below I am ahead of thegarve and Joe Comyn so I am not a bad player.

Berta seems to be struggling with the bridge being about 80 imps behind me.

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