Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Having a look at Eileen and her Grandpa last night in South West Tyrone


Board 1 we see the Grandma open a weak 2D and no alert or nothing.
cag42 and moll17 run a 46% average on BBO so what would they know about weak 2s.
On board 2 opps fail to make some good conclusions and use trump entry.
On board 3 granda pushes them higher than comfort  zone
on Board 4 granda gets pushed above his declarer level
on board 5 Granda wheels out the 4th seat 1NT opening giving his opponents a chance to go plus on the board via a spade partscore or by defeating 1NT. He had a good score by passing but gambled on his legendary declarer play. 
On board 6 several pairs miss the making 3NT so granda is on 45% 
On board 7 grandma misses a few chances at good defence and the GIB robot does her like seabiscuit.
Granda is clinging to heart singleton but cannot get off a signal to partner.
Board 8 sees the Grandparents roar into 4S with 2 9 count hands 
9 opposite 9 and they bid and make 4S... they on a roll.
Board 10 and some normal bidding steals away the decent score 
Board 11 the 3NT up 1 cannot be stopped
Board 12 grandma works the diamond finesse and all is well
Board 13 3NT rolls home with overtrick
Board 14 opps go in 2NT and Granda picks off nice Heart lead and its all doom for 
willfarmer from there.. a 100% in the kitty.

Meanwhile the freewheeling Peters got ambushed by the McDonnells in the Peter Pigot Bumper Stakes in Peter Pigot Bridge Club at Silchester Road after having a bright start. 
Every Tuesday morning at 11am

Meanwhile the Grandparents roar into a slam. Grandma asks for aces maybe and Granda shows 3 aces. 
Grandma can count 12 tricks ..so checks for a king to bid  Grand Slam but no joy
Only one other pair bids a slam so its 95% for granda 

I am tired of this but Grandpa got 81% score but the opponents not really trying I think. 
Granda Tom kills the Tyrones and Fermanaghs 

Like Cavan winning the Ulster 


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