Sunday, October 11, 2020

The Donal is not the Tommy at the bridge

 Ireland imp Pairs every night at 830pm Good hands competitive bidding and Donal bidding 

Tonight I spotted this rare bidding
1C P 1S! X
P 2D  P 2N

I think a redouble happened and 2200 happened ...just like me in Brighton right Tommy. 

The West made an error in the bidding and the John Comyn was there to show
him the error of his ways 

It was hand 13 of the Ireland Imps pairs last night 


Donal said...

Yes - a complete mess by me. And made worse because I didn't just take my punishment at 2 off for minus 1000.

But what this doesn't show is the lack of proper explanation from our opponents and the complete nonsense their bidding system delivered on a number of other hands.... over 8 boards against them they had one massive success bidding a great 7H - although the bidding made no sense - and this huge IMP result caused by misunderstanding and frustration.

Donal said...
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