Friday, July 13, 2018

A bridge player could do worse than play Bridgez daily tourney


Sometimes I play the Bridgez Daily 16 board tourney .. Today I got a good start and then took a break after 10. On returning I got another few good boards and was up around 68%. I now knew a good finish would get me near the top of the table for today. Board 14 a 93% came my way and board 15 a 78% so one needed a nice finish on board 16 ... It came in around 70% and I figured top 5 or so ..
Currently it is numero uno and I await the pelethon or whatever they call that chasing group in the Tour de France that gobbles up folk who try to run away from the field ...

So if anyone wants to join todays peleton and chase down the Yellow Jersey worn by Galligan please do. I actually am wearing a yellow jersey ...One of  those Tourney Director or BBO tee shirts that you get when you are working at EBL events .. I have about 6 of them ... one could hardly wear the same one 13 days in a row.

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