Saturday, March 17, 2018

Declan the Donplayer is moving forward

As some people might know I taught Declan the Donplayer how to play bridge. I never realised how far this project would go. Now it has grown legs and is running fast. The Donplayer was offered an 8% handicap advantage and somehow wheedled it up to 10%. Now we play on Bridge Now and I have to outrun Declan the Donplayer by 10% to win the week. We score a month at a time but I am losing most months. This week my 63.05% was not good enough to defeat the Donplayers 53.76%.
Last week my 63.5% had no chance against the Donplayer 57%. Now I need to win the final 2 weeks of March to get a draw for the month.
Meanwhile Declan the Donplayer also points out that he is looking down on CBAI Treasurer James Mullally regularly these days without any handicap. I was directing with the Great Mullall in the Elmpark Charity event on Wed night. I mentioned Declan the Donplayers and Great Mullall indicated that he is too busy to be playing bridge all day as he has a business to run and clients to service so he only logs in between clients and does not focus fully on the bridge.
Declan the Donplayer replies …"Well I would like to see Great Mullall hanging off a ladder playing Bridge Now on his phone.
Meanwhile my other protegee Shane the Unblocker has gone quiet. However he thinks he is being smart by stopping at 19 boards on a bad week and going past 19 when he has a decent score.
Out in Dublin North Region Mary Kelly Rogers is running a large Masters League with 18 Teams participating. Team Dave Terry started off by getting a hiding off the Joe Coyne powered  Team Timoney before reorganising and getting a move on. Team Timoney is still out in front but Team Terry got a 19.3 in round 2 followed by 13.9 16.11 and 14.3 to climb into the top 4. In the final match of the Swiss last night Team Terry found Conor O'Hara and Dave Terry on form and Team Gibney got badly mauled on a score of 19.3.... or 63 imps .. The Bearparks put up a decent struggle for Team Gibney.

DNR Masters League Results

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