Thursday, July 13, 2017

An Irish U26 attempts 3NT and gets doubled..

/Earlier this week I mentioned the minus 2200 I suffered and the whispering death across the table quietly mouthing DONKEY.. Well today I log in to check on the broken Irish U26 squad.
I knew they were playing the Netherlands and I knew a good trimming was coming ..

However on board 13 shown above .. the Irish North South figured 3NT was going to be a good contract so they bid it. Meanwhile the Dutch E/W were also figuring 3NT was a good place to play so they doubled it.

 2 East West pairs did attempt 3NT but only managed 8 tricks ...

Our brave Irish lad made THREE ......

Em tricks for MINUS 1700...

Now there could be an explanation ....maybe it was state of the match ...after all they were 40 imps behind at this stage maybe trying for a swing ..

One time in Irish Camrose Trials back in 2005 ..playing against the exempted team .. the heavies ...too good to play in the qualifiers .... My solid partner opened 1H and I held like a 2H response with 3 card hearts and 7 points ...
The exempted opposition regarded us disdainfully and bid 3NT ..which I chose to double..given my partner never opened with less than 13 hcp. and I had 7.
The more adjusted opponent tried to extract themselves into a 4 minor contract with his 55 via a redouble  but the partner was all out for blood attended by his two kibitzers Mary Finn and one Fionnula who sometimes plays with the incredible BJ O'Brien.
The opponent managed to make THREE .....em TRICKS that was 3400 ...6 off redoubled ..

I let them off the redouble to save embarrassment and breaking of the scoring system.
Reality is I forgot so only entered 1700 on the sheet ...was minus 170 in 2H+2 in the other room.

So 3400 or 1700 or 2200 need to be in the IN column ..

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