Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Mixed Teams Continue

Sunday morning and the Mixed Teams trials are in full flow.
12 boards compared across 8 tables and 73 imps swopped.
So that is boards 1-3 done.

4 boards compared now and 115 imps swopped. Sunday morning and boards 1-4 certainly appear to be exciting. The two leaders Kemple and Lillis are both early leaders in Match 6
However Team Moran is also firing goals past Collins, Meanwhile Whelan and Stanley are swopping large imps biggo .. 41-10 after 4 ... 12.7 imps per board. Unreal.
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It appears I have underestimated the Orla McEntee team. 37-37 imps versus the Lillis Team after 10 comaprisons. after starting off 18-0 down. 

So big results in Round 6 were Lillis 10 McEntee 10 .. Kemple 12.3 v Cleary and down the bottom at the time Mary Stanley pounded on Maria Whelans struggling team.

Round 7 saw Team Lillis pound on the Whelan team scoring 18.41 and probably putting the event to bed. Stanley continued to climb the table with another 14.5 VPs posted and the still surprising McEntee clobbered the experienced team of Clearys Porteus McConville 14-6

Round 8 saw big wins by Lillis and Pattinson. McEntee on the verge of getting washed out by Pattinson pulled back some imps on the last few boards to end on 2.76 from a low of 1.22.
Kemple needs Collins to destroy Lillis and that is not going to happen as Lillis has too much experience in their team. At the same time Kemple has to destroy McEntee and hope and that is
unlikely to happen either as McEntee team has performed well this weekend.

So onto Round 9 ..the final round but some of us got to watch Waterford versus Clare ...right Johnny Phelan. My GAA man Paddy Finnegan told me .. Clare by 2 points ..

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