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Monday, January 04, 2016

Camrose 2016 Weekend 1 City North ...Meath or Louth I think

Next weekend January 8th to 10th the CBAI host the first weekend of the Camrose Trophy

6 teams will take part.

England Scotland NIBU CBAI Wales and Wales2(final weekend hosts) and Father Glynns team.

England should be favourites to start this event well as they field capable bridge players like David Bakhshi and  David Gold as well as players like Mike Bell and Alexander Allfrey who are almost as good as me (at spelling) as well as Andrew Robson and Tony Forrester. Lets put it this way don't play them for money if you happen to visit.

Camrose 2016 Teams

Above is a link to the other teams in this event.

Donal MacAonghusa will tog out at great expense for the Glynn team. Donal is a fantastic bridge player who has spent his last 20 years or so as one of  Irelands leading poker tournament directors.
The Diarmuid Reddan of the Ireland poker scene.

Donal used to sing ... "Pop goes the weasel" as he felled another singleton King

I think Donals nickname is Younis for some reason

Now the Sligo gang will be up in arms because Fergal is this and Fergal is that and GOD ranks below Fergal as a TD but Diarmuid Reddan does not have a Mairead.

Spectators are welcome and entry is free at the venue. A vugraph room with commentary from some top Irish bridge players like BJ O'Brien will be in operation. The event will also be shown on Bridgebase Online vugraph.

Timetable for the Weekend

City North hotel room prices look very decent.
A quick glance saw room rate for 3 nights at 222 euros

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