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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Camrose Trials 2014

The Camrose Trials are in progress right now.

Results are on

Camrose Trials standings here

The 3 anti post favourites BJ OBrien Anna Onishuk and Terry Walsh are to the fore at the moment.

I came across another fine bridge site in the last few weeks
Similar to WBridge5 and using the WBridge5 robots it also gives ELO chess like ratings

I found the interface a little clumsy at the start but it grew on me and after my 2nd week I emerged with a rating of 1548 ....starting point is 1500 which goes up and down

I averaged 61% for 99 boards in the week ...if you play 70 boards they remove your 5 worst scores
so my 61% is inflated somewhat but a nice website

In case anybody forgot the new season is starting soon in CBAI ..

Fergal is having a party in Sligo at the end of September

Any pairs fancy some partnership bidding practice .. I have lots of good hands and will send a pdf afterwards. However you got to fix your own bidding
087 9032505

Eamon Galligan

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