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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Declan the Don player plays WBridge5 for first time

Last night I logged into

to play my daily session of WBridge5 16 hands and after playing board 2 I noted the presence of troutman in the results. Troutman is the pseudo name of Declan the Don player who I have mentioned before as a solid Dublin citizen who is extremely good at DON but when he found out about bridge he was totally INTRIGUED by the game.

Anyway if I was sitting on a chair I might have fallen off as Declan had said in the past .. "Eamon I will need lots of time before I venture into this bridge. Those bridge lads would not be too good at fishing on their first day out. .. I would not be able to play this bridge after 7 or 8 pints ... Thats why you win at DON because you only come into the pub at 1125pm and I am already well started"

Anyway sure enough there is troutman after playing board 2 and outscoring all the regulars.
Of course being in the highest scoring contract and getting 11 tricks helped.
However pretty good for a man who has never seen a bridge lesson or read a book on bridge but has stepped into a bridge club for a look.

Declan the Dub watched Maurice Quinn from a distance and said ... "And I thought life would be over when I am too old to swing a fly rod " ... Now I see there is more to life ...Look at that experienced lad over there ...playing cards ..enjoying his can of guinness and he actually still can win despite being aged about 85."
"He is my idol ambition is to partner that guy"'

Above is Declan the Don player doing what he is expert in ...catching fish...


Galligan played another 16 boards of the Spingold quarter final this morning and got done again.
The Jack robots roared into 6H on a board when the Spingold NS's failed to get past game.
Galligan loses 8 imps after making a mini comeback. 

However all is not lost but I will need a large 16 boards to get up to middle of the field.
of course I am comparing with the NS of both teams which might be the stronger pair. 
This is where Butler Teams falls down when posted in major Euro and World events.
A pair like Hanlon McGann might be sent out to battle with the other teams toughest pair or toughest system.
Thus getting scored tougher and looking like they played worse.

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