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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Regent Annual Bridge Festival

As can be seen above the Regent Bridge Club is surpassing last years Summer Bridge Bonanza.
I show the first piece of the pdf file. However the whole pdf is displayed on the above link for the Regent Bridge Club.
The main prize is based on 3 out of 4 nights but check the conditions of contest which might surprise a top matchpoint player. Last year I posted a 65% score in my first session and found they don't allow scores above 60% in the Regent. Another pair posted a score of 74% and that too was capped to 60%.
I think they should score it by imps if they want to cut down the matchpoint specialists.
Now if I could get John Carroll and Thomas Hanlon and Karel deRaeymaker and Michael O'Briain to partner me on the 4 sessions I might be able to win some money. 

Back  2001 we had a Regent Bonanza but we had no fancy pdf files back then or blogs and probably not even a website. First prize was about 500 euros or maybe punts and Des Scannell scooped the prize.
It was not called a bonanza then but ran over about 6 Friday nights.
I think Declan Byrne organised that one when his hair was red and he moved faster.
The European Bridge championships start in about 2 weeks. I am hearing there is some issue with the English Ladies Team but I don't know the background but some mentions have appeared in my email. 
I have done a little research and found the below on the Neopolitan Bridge site. This is the top European bridge news site.

Apparently Sally Brock and Nicola Smith were removed from the English Bridge team and possibly the other 2 pairs withdrew in support. I don't actually know full details but the link above might point folk 
to the information.
Hugh McGann drew my attention to the issue but he would be closer to the issue as Fiona Brown is/was on the English ladies team. 
I personally have no feeling on this issue but I mention that it exists.

In a previous issue I mentioned some cakes and a spread at Elm Park Golf Club annual match against Blackrock Bridge Club. I have been advised that all the nice cakes and goodies were made or procured by the ladies of Elm Park Golf Club bridge section. Anyway the Blackrock folk still won the event and ate all the cakes too. 
I was out directing in ElmPark Golf Club last night and they had me play as well as one lady had no partner and there was a half table. The opponents kept bidding higher then they could declare so we got some good scores. That was Mary Lu Carroll I think .
22 tables there last night.
I called down to Train Crash Mulalls house last weekend and found he had been out battling the might of Liverpool bridge in some annual DSR match against Liverpool. Rory Egan and Train Crash Mullal battling together. I looked on DSR website but no information there yet. I understand Liverpool won the event.
However Train Crash is heavy training for next years event.
I noted he posted 64% on WBridge5 competition yesterday ...
or download Wbridge5 program and use Bridgez tab but you still got to register to play.
Its FREE and a great way to sharpen ones declarer play.

Bridge: Basic Card Play By Michael O'Loughlin

Michael's new book on card play technique has been favourably received by (among others) Séamus Dowling and Tomás MacCormac.

". . .an excellent book . . .easy to understand and laid out in a logical fashion . . . " Séamus Dowling

" . . it should become a standard text book in bridge classes and remain so for many years . . ." Tomás MacCormac

Copies available from the CBAI One-Stop Shop or from Thomas MacCormac, cost €10.

I found my copy of this book upstairs again recently .. I understand it is the recommended textbook for beginning players in Malahide Regional Bridge Club.

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