Friday, January 11, 2019

Premier Pairs after 70 and how not to play bridge

Yesteerday morning I played a Bridgebase online challenge against Donegalman and it did not go well. I performed about 4 methods of not playing bridge. I got doubled in 4S on a partscore board and lost 800. I went down 2 vulnerable in a making 1NT. The other table made 8 tricks.

Of course one could lie low and not upload ones heavy loss but its hardly right to only sing when you are winning. So here is my bad bridge video below

Galligan loses to Donegalman

Lets be clear now Donegalman is Intermediate B and Galligan is somewhat higher grade.

Meanwhile over in Wales Irelands top bridge players headed into the Camrose. The weakened 4 man team strolled through the Camrose Trials and then added a couple of Butler performing pairs for the 2 Camrose weeekends. However you cannot take 2 long term partnerships apart and make up 1 semi regular partnership and hope for some semblance of reality. This was the Hanlon McGann Garvey Carroll world class partnerships divided into Hanlon Carroll. Added to this we had the functioning Moran Boland partnership replaced by new partnership Moran MacAonghusa. This is not to say that the players are not very capable but 55 years of partnership agreements and cooperation is on the sidelines for the moment.
We also had Camrose debutants Ronan McMaugh and Marcin Rudzinski both capable players but being a relatively new pairing they won't have anything near a bunch of years of partnership understandings to go with their capability. Being Camrose debutants is also moving to a new level of bridge and taking on pairs with enormous years of partnership agreements.

We won't publish any results except to note that Team Ireland languishes 20 VPs behind the NIBU squad that finished so far behind last year their NPC indicated they could be visited in the zoo the next day. Blessed are the porridge makers for they shall not go hungry.

Meanwhile Galligan played another 7 boards of the Jim Cahill Premier Pairs event.
I am still climbing even if still below average.

I got a chance to play a 4S contract very well and gathered in a nice score. This was Board 65 of the 149 board event

The Jack robots cashed AK of diamonds and played a 3rd diamond and I had to ruff high. 
From here careful timing allowed me bring in 10 tricks via the 2 time club finesse. Of course I got lucky with the 2-2 trump break. Of course the contract is down from the gate as 2 diamonds and ace of club and a ruff but Galligan lucked out for a decent score. 

The scores after 70 boards are above. This includes the addition of a set of plays by 4 GIB robots as well as the 3 Jacks with Eamon so won't be exactly as the live competition went. However it serves to ease the pain on some boards for some humans. Here we are running 12 pairs as opposed to the original 8 pairs. 

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