Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Galligan v Clareman plus Premier Pairs after 63

Good morning all

This morning I finished off a bridge challenge against a new opponent who we will call Clareman.
Unfortunately I lost the challenge by 15 imps. I think my opponent got lucky.

Galligan loses by 15 to Clareman

mWhile the above video was uploading to Youtube I played another 7 boards of the Jim Cahill Premier Pairs. Unfortunately I dropped to 10th place of 12 with the lethargic BJ 'Brien getting some lucky few boards with his partner Terry Walsh and passing me out.

Meanwhile presure has been applied to me to tog out in the forecoming Mens Teams.
Having expressed severe resistance it was no good. Now I have to play.
However the only thing I am missing is Spurs v somebody on the box.

So as can be seem above I am not making a big impression in the Jim Cahill Premier.
Maybe thats why I am assigned vugraph duties instead of being allowed to play.

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