Thursday, December 27, 2018

Galligan v Blanchman and Cahill Pairs after 56

Nothing new on the Jack Premier and Master Pairs yet.
Maybe I could play 7 boards of the Jim Cahill Pairs and see how I go.

However I played a challenge this morning against Blanchman and I watched a Bernard Magee video on Strong Openings.

Here is the video on Galligan versus Blanchman. 16 boards .. winning 5 losing 3 and drawing the other 8 apparently for a 56.25% score

Galligan v Blanchman

Board 50 I got a 16 count and strong No Trump type hand. Opps opened a weak2 in hearts and I competed to 4D over 3H. Made 4D and got 100% score. All others sold out to Hearts part score.
Now Galligan is 48%.
Board 51 appeared and Eamon has 4441 with singleton diamond buys it in 3H and after trick1 note the opposition own 11 card diamond fit. 30% this time losing out to 5D doubled twice and 4S made.
Fair enough as we missed a game.
Board 52 11 hcp opposite 7 and I am in 1NT non vulnerable but opps don't have any fit as such.
Made it for 100% .. and am now 48.6%
Board 53 I was dealt 8 card club suit and after 2H P 3H I bid a silly 5C and collected 20% for going down 2 and minus 200 ....4H was making so somewhat unfair to only get 20%.
Board 54 ...another 20% for going down in 4D when 3S has some play.
Board 55 got some luck as 3NT-2 gave me 60%.
Board 56 the final 1 of this blog post ..

However board 56 where I scored 50% allowed Goodman Pownall to slip past me.
So Eamon lies in 9th place after 56 boards of 147 so plenty of home with 2 human pairs behind me and one awaiting Coyne and Walsh to pass me on the way up.

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