Monday, June 18, 2018

Ciara Burns Gala Open Pairs 2018

As outlined above the Ciara Burns Gala Pairs. .;
Ciara Burns once called me a " You wee shite you Galligan "

I got lucky (at bridge) against Ciara and Mary Finn once.
I was thinking of the Pat Walshe penchant for leading Kx when I got Kx I thought I would try the effect. It took Pat Walshe 100 leads before he captured a Polish expert.
It took Galligan one go before he captured Bunty Burns Mary Finn watched helplessly as dummy.
Ciara ducked my KING holding Axx opposite Jxx … one might
The Galligan then played his other diamond as he felt a warm rosy feeling
The Ciara thought "This Dunce " and left it run to her JACK ...
Delaney swooped in with the DIAMOND QUEEN …

Next Delaney furnished another DIAMOND for me to Ruff ...picking up Ciaras Ace in dummy on the way ..

We later got a Trump Trick …. 4H down 1 on a cold one …
I had several bad hands against Ciara as well … but we won't talk about them.

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