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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hand from Wed Captains prize

Good morning folks

Last night I directed the Maura Carroll Captains prize in Malahide. 60 pairs showed up.
This morning while scanning through the boards for something interesting I spotted this hand and my first interest was how in the world a declarer managed to go down in this hand. I could not see it.

5H 2D 2C minimum on the Club Queen lead. So presume some kind of accident or revoke happened.
Not a big deal anyway whatever happened. Someone got a free top and someone suffered the pain of a bottom. I also noted the presence of a 1 diamond contract. Presumably another accident. 

However so anyone reading this is wondering whats the point. Is he outing Charles or is he on about the Pair 6 who played 1 diamond. 
Not at all I am intrigued as to how 26 North Souths can declare 3NT on a hand that myself and any of my bridge partners would drive into 4H all day everyday. Are we playing a different game than what they play in Malahide or am I missing something. Like if I am playing there with any of my old partners apart from Big Wallace its a nice pleasant 4H contract on a 5-3 fit making the 11 tricks and gathering in a fine score normally. 
Further examination notes the presence of several EIGHT OF CLUBS LEADS..

Now fair enough I get it ... 4th highest leads .. .but I presume the teacher forgot to tell them about leading from a sequence.. QJT8 ... most are leading Q to show where they are at.
In this case several folk make 460 being awake enough to play the NINE of clubs in dummy. 

It was just a hand I spotted while having the cup of tea ..

For me and my old partners like Paul Delaney David Dunne or even the legendary bridge teacher Thomas MacCormac its 
1D 1H 2N 3S 4H or something similar.

For the players in the above event they will miss out on 5-3 HEART fits and 4-4 spade fits 
as they probably went 
1D 1H 3NT end 

Just a little hand but several stories for bridgeplayers. 

I am not sure how my new partner Andrew would bid the hand. 
I will go around later and ask him. 

We got 60% in the helpers night. Andrew kept us well away from the Billy Ronans and John Murrays and Paul Doyles and other Malahide luminaries. We got the bottle of wine and Andrew did 80% declarer play. On Tuesday he indicated ....the stats don't lie.... at least you did not carry me. 

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