Saturday, March 03, 2018

IBU Trials completed with Jack

This evening a few minutes ago I finally completed the IBU trials final.
Unfortunately I confirmed that Hanlon McGann Garvey and Carroll are better than myself and my trusty Jack robot. However I confirmed for myself that although Rory Boland can defeat me at drinking I managed to keep ahead of him at the bridge despite him having a stronger partner than I did.

I thought Hanlon McGann had a big Sunday but it looks like Carroll Garvey got into the zone in the final 2 stanzas. Coyne actually led early on Sunday morning after a slam went awry at the Boland Moran table. They bid a small slam OFF 3 key cards .. Totally bizarre.

Now the scoring I am using is cross imps where one compares with the other 3 tables and averages the imps. Moran and Boland had the misfortune to play all the hard boards so their score is worse for this reason.

Over the last 2 nights I played a couple of BASHES against Murphyslaw. In real life he is Noel Murphy and he beat me on Thursday night but I recovered all on Friday night. Murphy is an A2 player but he does not understand that it is almost impossible for an A2 to defeat me at bridge.
THEREFORE he should be very proud to beat me over 28 boards … You don't get lucky for 28 boards so he must have some talent.
Last Monday morning I partnered Leaping Michael … so called as he always Jumps the bidding any chance he gets. There is a leaping michaels convention hence the name.

Out in Malahide we also have Lightning Murray who fancies himself at the bridge. However it must be played FAST and FURIOUSLY … No stopping for tea or pause for thought or anything else.

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