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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Ireland Invitational Pairs Session 1 extra

Yesterday in the Regent Bridge Club I witnessed some fine bridge plays. I saw Adam Mesbur bring home 2HX by enlisting some help from the opposition to take a finesse. I saw Nick Fitzgibbon deem a lad held JT8x in a side suit ...and play the suit for no loser. I saw Cian Holland roll home 3DX against Adam Mesbur and Nick Fitzgibbon. It was unbeatable but one still had to make it with KQTx of trumps against you. Cian took about 7 minutes before touching a card at trick 1 ..making his plan.

Starting today Saturday October 7th we will have current leaders Ciaran Coyne and Donal MacAonghusa on one of the vugraph tables Play starts at 11am.

One can find the schedule by examining the above link.

One can fnd the results above but might need to do a little work.

One can find the venue here ....well at the above link ... or 25 Waterloo Road Dublin 4

Eamon Galligan

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