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Friday, October 27, 2017

Camrose Trials Weekend

Today I noticed that the Camrose Trials are taking place for the 2nd Ireland Team in the 2018 Camrose Trophy. Team Moran is already pre-selected and I think that's a fair selection as they are playing well and working hard.
Now this weekends event looks like a good game of bridge.

I notice already that Wojech Gorchyca has morphed into Paul Delaney. Delaney is a pretty powerful player to bring in as a sub if such is the case. Delaney is also a sometime partner of Marcin. Maybe Delaney is on the team but just not listed on fob,ie.

So we have 10 teams in the battle ...I will rate the teams out of 1000 per team
I rated players on a sliding scale from 10 for the strongest players in the field down
to 1 for the least experienced.

1. Nick Fitzgibbon 775
2. Ciaran Coyne  733
3, Derek O'Gorman 600
4.Thomas McCormac 580
5,Anna Onishuk 575
6,Richard Elvin 517
7,John Phelan 425
8,Michael Donnelly 400
9.Stefan Ekman 325
10 Jim Doyle 225

So Eamon expects Coyne or Fitzgibbon to win but O'Gorman MacCormac or Onishuk could make
it if they perform to the best of their ability or if somehow they have added some recent bridge skills
thru training sessions. Fitzgibbon might suffer from Milne O'Brien stamina issues being a 4 man team. MacCormac seems to be using Paul Delaney along with his 4 named players.

I note the presence of 5 lady players in the event but only one in their regular lady partnership.
A leading Irish bridge columnist indicated the Jim Cahill Premier Pairs would have provided a good training session for the Lady Milne squad. Any Lady Milne squad pair could have entered Camrose Trials but there is only one pair. These Camrose Trials have most of the 12 Premier Pairs playing so is also a decent event.

Lets see how good my tipping is...

Live Camrose in running results are on

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