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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Irish U26 strike back eventually

Having watched the 20th place Estonia dominate Ireland U26 this morning I departed my computer as they got ready to tackle Greece ..another 20th place team. Unfortunately Ireland got dominated again by this seemingly equal opponent. 18.5 VPs to 1.5 VPs.

So Ireland moved on to face a tougher team TURKEY.

Ireland got out to a 44 imp lead on first 10 boards.

Board 1 was 5DX which is cold versus 1NT making 9 .... 9 imps
Board 2 .. Turkey were a trick short in 6S v 4S both making 11 .. 12 imps
Board 4 .. Turkey declared 2NT on a 28 count holding while Ireland made the 4H game ..

So taking a tennis analogy looks like 3 severe unforced errors

Then board 8 sees the Turks tackle Irelands 4-3 fit 2S 16 count partscore and only get it
one off ... Ireland did have a 9 card Club fit they could have tried but guess they got tipped off
in the bidding that Clubs were breaking badly.
Ireland make the 24 count 4H contract that many other tables seem to be getting home in.
However it is no gimmee. Although I guess there are only 3 trump losers on a good view.

So after 10 boards its Ireland 44 Turkey 8 and not much bad weather approaching

Lets go back live and see how last 4 boards go

Board 11 and 13 were flat

Board 12 saw Ireland lose 6 imps for gaining 200 for 2 off ...and losing the 4H game of 420.
One would think doubling 4C might be a good option if you are not chancing 4H.
Its plus 2 imps instead of 6 out ....8 imps swing

The final board is 14 ... one presumes Ireland will take this match with a victory

Danger lurks here might bid a slam and go down on a weak club play.

17 VPs to 3 at the moment but various good and bad possibilities on board 14

1. Miss game
2. Bid slam
3. Make slam
4. Go down in slam

And we wait ....quick check on vugraph is hardly on there

The long wait is over ...They probably forgot to enter score in bridgemate ..
No swing ...

17 VPS for IRELAND under 26 ... Glad I could bring good news ..

As before and go to Microsite for all information and results 

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