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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sligo Bridge Congress in progress

This weekend June 9th-11th we have the Sligo Bridge Congress under the guide of Ferghal O'Boyle aided by Diarmuid Reddan and the ever capable Sligo Congress Committee. Mairead Basquille is no doubt overseeing all.
Currently in the Congress Pairs is in progress with some of the  new kids on the block out in front after a few fences John Connolly and Stephen Barr. However the experienced English campaigner known as THE GARVE  is already hot on their tail and MacCormac McMaugh maintain an eye on proceedings from back in the pelethon. The Knights and English visitors Root Naat will also be around at the finish and maybe the Ennis Dannys might emerge from the pelethon. Long time partners Hilary and Gilda might also compete for the prizes but they have no recent form at this level.

All can watch the running scores on

Meanwhile on Bridge-Now here are this weeks ratings

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