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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Bridge Now ratings to May31

Gareth Bale is doing the warm up after 56 minute of the Champions League Final. Sure he should be allowed to play for a little while given he is the only eligible Welshman and the event is in Cardiff.

Meanwhile out in Westmanstown it looks like the Pat Egan powered Dublin South team has won the Inter County Fun Teams. I think this is a repeat for Dublin South as they also won last year powered by late addition Jim Mullally.

I do hear some great comments in the Bridge Clubs where I direct.
"The negative double is great because partner can decide if we want to defend the contract"
"I knew it was a singleton as we never lead doubletons against suit contracts"
"We will play the unusual 2NT and you will know it as I will use the STOP card"

Bridge Now ratings May 31 2017

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