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Thursday, October 27, 2016

I had a go on Bridgez today

Early this morning I played 8 hands on Bridgez and then after sleeping I woke up and played the final
8 hands.

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I tried a few hands using Google Chrome and now I can see how many tricks are won as the play goes on. Big improvement on the old Bridgez and the interface is much smoother.
Also today my play was a little smoother on the early boards but I still blew a few boards in the late
stages to drop down to 73% or so ..
Its worth the 30 minutes or so in the morning if one has the time ...
I notice Elvis from out the North Side of Dublin is still battling away on Bridgez ... must be his morning coffee effort .... but he is a 56% merchant ..

However for other people the Bridge-Now site might be more suitable
Same WBridge5 robots but you can play many more hands and also get a weekly rating

Eamon Galligan

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