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Monday, June 20, 2016

European Championships 2016 Round 12 13

Sunday June 19th and we await with trepidation Cavan versus Tyrone in the Ulster GAA semi final.
Tyrone are damn good with many All Ireland winners still in their squad having won the All Ireland in 2003 2005 and 2008. Where were the Dubs those years .. Anyway all was well with Cavan putting up a good effort and scoring a goal in the 73rd miute to equalize the match and we have to do it all again. Now I am from Cavan but I support the Dubs.

So Round 12 saw Ireland take on the mis-firing Scotland although the Scots are fresh from knocking off a deflated Portugal by 13-7 .. starting on Board 17

Board 17 Ireland make the " easy 4S " the quote is from another match .. and Scotland have a problem and languish in 3H going down 11 imps to Ireland

Board 18 Ireland bid the normal 6D and unfortunately fail to make the double dummy 13 tricks so 13 imps out ..Scotland in 4S

Board 20 sees the Scots down in 4S doubled while Hanlon McGann roll it home.
"Lots of easy 4S around this set says the commentator in the Italy match ..maybe its a joke ..
14 imp to Ireland ..

Board 21 Boland leads off a 4th highest HEART against 3NT and the the Scotsman is away for slates. 10 tricks and 11 imps in a 3NT that needs quiet defence. Scotland gained 6 on 22 ..

Board 23 .. Scotland land in 6H .. some work is required but they guide it home ..
In the other room Hanlon McGann languish in 4H making 11 .. Grand slam in Clubs was on
good guesses ..    13 imps to Scotland.. now a comfortable 48-25 ahead .. 

Board 27 sees Boland Moran make a comfortable 4H on sub minimum values while the Scots languish in 2NT against Hanlon McGann. 48-45 Scotland with 5 boards left

Finally board 31 sees the Scots bid 6S on 30 hcp and a 9 card trump fit. Few tables bid this slam.
However after a diamond finesse winning and the run of the trumps West gets squeezed out of AQJ of hearts and the 4 card diamonds .. 6S bid and made .. 13 imps to Scotland who win by 66 imps to 51. The Intelligent Man was playing in the Closed Room for Scotland. He is Danny Kane.
So Scotland got their 2nd 14 VP haul in a row but unfortunately went back to old habits in the next 4 matches to remain firmly on the bottom.. Hopefully things will improve for them.
66 imps in the bag for Scotland ..a team who have been lucky to get past 30 most matches so far.
Round 13 ..saw Ireland take on Israel

First 7 boards went 6-5 to Ireland.

Board 8 saw Israel draw some blood by finding a good 5C sacrifice versus the no-vul 4S game.
Hanlon McGann unwisely pushed on to 5S and paid a further 7 imps by going down.

Board 9 saw Israel and Ireland  bid a small slam .. In the Open Room McGann led a small diamond and when the Jack won Israel were home in a beatable 6H .. KQ diamond lead is good ..
In  the Closed Room .. 6H down on DK .. 14 imps to Israel.

Board 12 sees Hanlon McGann swiftly into 3C contract EW despite the opps owning 4S cold.
3C goes 2 off while Carroll and Garvey muster up 620 in 4S. Ireland lost 9 imps on Board 13 going down in 4H while Israel went plus in 3H .. 200 in each room .
The score now 44-22 for Israel

Board 16 saw Ireland gain 13 on 4S making by Hanlon McGann for 620 while Carroll Garvey found the 5C sacrifice for 4 imps but Israel pushed on to 5S going down.

So Israel 44 Ireland 35 ...


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