Friday, June 17, 2016

European Bridge Championships Day 2 Match 1 and 2

Ireland Open Team started the day with a match against Finland. Finland with no great bridge pedigree might be beatable. However Finland is geographically located close to Norway and Sweden both bridge powerhouses. Also Finland had won their first 4 matches including victories over France and current world champions Poland.  So into battle.

I will look at the double digit swings.

Board 1 .. Ireland got 12 imps when the Finns overstretched to 4S and someone was able to put the double on it.

Board 2 .. 6S on 29 hcp and 5-4 fit was not a thing of beauty but was unbeatable. Finland bid it so 11 imps to them

Board 4 saw the Irish EW attempt 3NT on a combined 24 count. Helness in another match guided it home but our declarer managed 8 tricks.

Board 5 saw our NS get a double on 5C for down 3 and 12 imps .. so 23-29 after 5 boards.

Board 8 4S makes EW but our lads allowed their NS opps declare 3H making losing 11

Board 12 saw the Finns home for 11 tricks in 3NT when a different lead with see the result as
3NT-7 ... You got to read those lead books .. 11 imps out instead of 14 in the bag .. 25 imps swing.

Board 16 saw Ireland miss a game and declare 3H for 10 tricks .. Vulnerable game so 11 imps gone.

Ireland 29 Finland 67 ... Not a good morning in the office for Boland Moran.
Match 2 v Austria was live on Bridgebase so we could see all the hands and bidding. The whole match can be downloaded from Bridgebase if required.

Board 22 saw Hanlon McGann down 3NT while Garvey Carroll got a favourable lead in 4S and that was 12 imps. Garvey played the clubs well given the chance. Ireland by 20

Board 29 saw Hanlon McGann bid the skinny but making 4S while the Austrians languished in 3D on a 5-1 fit. 3D minus 1 gave Ireland 12 imps .. Ireland lead by 33-6 ..

Board 32 saw Hanlon on lead against 3NT after an auction showing a decent club suit about to appear in dummy. Hanlon failed to pick the killing diamond lead and that was 10 imps out ..

Final score .. Ireland 33 Austria 16 ... Its still more VPS in the bag

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