Thursday, February 04, 2016

WEXFORD Bridge Congress IBU Trials 2

Looks like the Thai police raided a bridge club and found more then 2 decks of cards

Maybe its an April Fool

Wexford Congress is on this weekend ... GO GO ..

Board 1 saw Marcin Wojech bid a 6S slam versus the 4S up 3 by Hanlon McGann.
Looks like a hand played in club bridge at 4S+3 with lots of things working.
However 3-2 club break and 3-2 club break makes it very cold ... and that's 46% odds.
However there are several other small pieces of odds to add into that.. like if trump queen
drops doubleton .. so adding all up probably over 60%...

10 imps to O'Brien

Board 3 saw Moran winning imps for defending at both tables ... 8 imps for 5 undertricks

Board 7 saw 4D making and 5D down 1 for 6 imps to O'Brien

Board 9 saw one of the Carveys slip home a 4H with 4 top tricks off it and 10 imps
against the 3H up 1 at other table

Board 12 was a 2H part score up and down for 5 imps

Board 13 saw Carvey attempting a strange manoeuvre declaring 3S with 6 trumps.
Sometimes Irish mentor/coach has attempted to explain for years about holding at least
7 trumps to declare ..unless you are Rueful Rabbit or James 3-1 Heneghan.

James rolled home 4H one time with a 3-1 fit ..

Board 14 saw Woj Marcin  roll home 4S with lots of trumps and 6 imps in versus partscore by Hanlon McGann. In my club it goes  P P P 1S 2S 4S at all tables but my players are not internationals.

Board 15 was the opposite ..partscore v game the other way and 6 imps back

Board 16 saw Carroll Garvey roar to the 5 level and take a chinning ... lose 800
Hanlon McGann got 500 from 4SX ,,but that was 7 imps out

Board 18 saw O'Brien win a part score versus knock 3NT for 5 imps

So fter 40 boards the match is pretty well tied up

Last night a chap in my club declared 3NT ...
xx opposite AQJTxx and he led a diamond towards the AQ ...

I searched out my singleton Diamond King as quick as I could ...but the impatient declarer
had already called for the Queen as he knew from bidding I owned all high card points ..
He attempted some bluster but I fished out the rule book and recalled Mauricio ...
"ITS ALWAYS A PLAYED CARD " ... when declarer does it ..

One more simultaneous pairs and then we are off to Wexford Bridge Congress

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