Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ireland Camrose Trials on vugraph (today Friday), The Bridge World magazine..

Good morning folks

Today at 1230pm the Camrose Trials semi finals to qualify a team for Camrose Trophy 2016 will start. The Contract Bridge Association of Ireland are displaying same on vugraph for anyone to watch.

Above is the link to Bridgebase vugraph schedule. You will see 10 times 2 hour sessions.

Friday 12.30-2.40
Friday 3.20-5.30
Friday 5.50-8
Saturday 10-12.10
Saturday 12.50-3
Saturday 3.20-5.30
Saturday 5.50-8
Sunday 10-12.10
Sunday 12.30-2.40
Sunday 3.20-5.30

Ciaran Coyne, Enda Glynn, Donal MacAonghusa, David Walsh
Derek O'Gorman, Terry Walsh, Donal Garvey, Pat Quinn 
Cian Holland, Dermot Cotter, Tom McCarthy, John Russell

Mark Moran, Rory Boland, John Carroll, Tommy Garvey, Tom Hanlon, Hugh McGann

In the semi finals its Coyne v Holland and O'Gorman v Moran

For those who want to make a deeper understanding of bridge there has always been The Bridge World magazine. This is a serious magazine whixh drops thru my letterbox every month. I have learned when to expect it and have to rush out to rescue same before McDuff gets his teeth on it.
However the Bridge World is made of sterner stuff and would survive the dogs teeth or else McDuff
recognizes that it belongs to me and is not a bill or a one of the multiple flyers that get posted into his
space these days. McDuff has an issue with bulletin delivery dudes and the postman.
So far my Bridge World magazine has only got a few teeth marks ..

A fantastic magazine and good for a gift subscription for your bridge fanatic ..
One time I counted the hand content of one magazine and got 82 hands.
That's plenty of knowledge.


Jack is my program of choice these days for computer bridge

Last week I was Tournament Directing and was hurrying along the slowest table as is my normal mode of operation. The opponents knew the small elderly person was distracted and slow.
They both indicated that I should bid for her. So I made a few bids and she was very happy
with this development.
Her hand on this occasion was .. xx xx AQxxxx xxx ... so a 6 count with 6 card diamonds.
I responded 1NT to her partners 1H opening and passed the 3H advance.

Later on in the night her partner collared me and said .."I would have made 10 tricks in Hearts
only for you ...blah blah blah...

Later that night at home I checked the score .. +140 and 3H made ....

A few days later I asked him about it ...and he said "Several tables make 10 and 11 tricks in
Hearts so if you raised me to 4H I would have make 10 or 11 like the others ..

Never mentioned the 4 quick tricks available to for the defenders to cash.

Sometimes one cannot win ...even a helpful Tournament Director.

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