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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Camrose Preliminary Trials 2015 and the cheating sago

Last weekend the preliminary trials for the Ireland Camrose team took place in Templeogue.

Results can be found on

The favourites MacAonghusa Walsh Coyne and Glynn romped home winning all their
matches in comfort.
2nd place Derek O'Gorman revovered from a round 6 trimming on Sunday morning from
the Cian Holland team to demolish the struggling Elvin team who were outclassed all weekend.
3rd place Cian Holland after a slow start and a Martin Brady hiccup finished well in the last 3 matches including dispatching the hapless BJ'OBrien team.

One would have expected the Chenoi bound O'Briain brothers to power their team into one of the
top 3 places but it was not to be.

So the weekend after next we have 4 teams doing battle for 1 Camrose place.
I think the winners of Prelim Camrose trials have choice of opponents so I don't see MacAongusa
picking Moran as opps. I have just spotted it is Coyne versus Holland and O'Gorman versus Moran in the semi finals.

As indicated indirectly above an Irish Senior team has been granted a place in the D'Orsi Bowl.
This is the Seniors Bermuda Bowl.
Adam Mesbur Nick Fitzgibbon Michael O'Briain Padraig O'Briain Pat Barry and Rex Anderson are
the team members. I have offered free bidding practice sessions to the latter 4. Adam and Nick have been doing their own partnership bidding for years.

Having studied the recent articles on and there
seems some evidence that two top international bridge players have made some strange moves prior
to making some fine defensive and offensive plays in some recent high profile bridge events.
Any one who wishes to examine this saga for themselves can go to

One thing that gnaws at my mind is ..., Are the two accused so stupid that when video appeared in BALI in 2013 (and the doctors with the sore throats were apparently caught) that they continued using the same methods knowing everything was on video and audio. The evidence on Bridgewinners is damning but it just seems absurd to continue on despite being on video. The evidence has been analysed by non video experts (albeit bridge experts) and seems damning.

My understanding is that there is a much higher level of video/audio expert who can perform analysis on these videos and these two players had to know this so they are either STUPID , ARROGANT or
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