Thursday, May 14, 2015

Senior Camrose 2015 15-17 May ..CityNorth Hotel

This weekend in CityNorth in Gormanstown we have the Teltcher Trophy.
This is Home Internationals for over 60s. All are welcome to spectate either in vugraph commentary room and at the tables .. There will be 6 tables in play.

I don't know how many tables we will be showing on vugraph as we are somewhat short of operators.
Each table on vugraph needs a person sitting at a laptop to type in the bids and cards.

The above link has details of the teams and bidding systems and some other information.

You can see the two Irish teams down the bottom including the incredible BJ O'Brien. Incredible as its unbelievable how often he lands on his feet despite shaping his bidding system to suit the hand he holds. Former Ireland NPC David Jackson will play. David guided the Irish Open Team to the Silver medal in the European championships in 2006 and later into the Bermuda Bowl.
World Senior Pairs champion Pat McDevitt will play on the Ireland Team.

England will field the world famous and unassuming Tony Forrester. I have seen this guy make small slams without drawing a trump. Forrester was part of the England team which won the 1991 European championships.

An experienced but out of condition Northern Ireland team will turn up for battle but they are unlikely to see any medals.

Scotland bring Irving Gordon who can play a little.

Wales bring Patrick Jourdain and a host of other regular Camrose players including the very capable Tedd and Salisbury who played in the recent Camrose Trophy 2015 where a slow starting Moran Team galloped past the slow finishing Welsh team. I don't know how it happened but someone or some rotation decided to sit out the rampaging Tedd Salisbuty partnership just after they posted a 3.14 imps per board segment. The same partnership had also chinned Hanlon McGann on Friday night. Patrick Jourdain has probably been playing for Wales for over 100 years if you add up all the different levels of international play. I heard that  back in the day juniors used to be for under 35s but maybe thats just a rumour.

Of course if there are any bridge players near Gormanston this weekend who might be willing to do a session or 2 of vugraph operating ...its not hard and one can learn quickly. One just moves the mouse and clicks on bids or cards as they see the player bid and play.

Any availability ring Paul Porteus 087 699 6686 ... or email

Eamon Galligan will be onsite and will help any new operators to get going.

There is the schedule for the weekend ... 3 matches and 6 tables running each segment.
If we show it all we need 60 operators ...less if some people do 2 segments or more.

Eamon Galligan

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