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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bridge Now

Bridge Now is a useful site for practising ones bridge. The only problem is outwitting the robots.
One robot is your partner and 2 robots are your opponents.
You are given a percentage score after every board you play. So one can play 0 boards or 200 boards a week. I am not exactly sure how the scoring works as I only played 44 boards this week and went up enormously compared to when I played more boards.

Here we can see some Malahide and others who use this site. The incredible BJ O'Brien is not here
this week as he was probably busy with Oldies Bridge. He probably spent the week studying his
bidding system. Brendan Conlon the famous Dundalk star also features from time to time but he finds the robots tough going. They don't understand his bidding at all or his signals. is the website to use ..

Another good program is Wbridge5 ... Its free to download

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