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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lady Milne Trials 2014Meanwhile

This afternoon I had to run a young lad into town (for us country lads from Swords that means Dublin City) so I figured being that close to the Spire I should continue to Templogue. and pay a visit to the trials.
Arriving half way thru final session of the day I had a look at the positions

Marian Croke was after bashing the fast starting Louise Mitchel team by 22 imps
Meanwhile the slow starting Rigney team was starting to fire and post 15 imps beating on
Patricia Kelly team. The Kemple team battered the Templogue Terrors with Meehan battling out a drawish match despite 7 double digit swings,

So onto round 4 which was the one I was watching

Well this was a serious session of bridge .. Only one board was quiet.. Board 13... The rest
all provided many large swings. As can be seen below Croke continued the good form by tonking Team Kelly putting Team Kelly on the bottom for now. Rigney continued to climb by posting a 29 imp margin past Meehan. The Templogue Terrors got back on the board with a 20 imp victory over the still 3rd placed Bearpark. However the big winners on this round were Team Louise who pasted Team Kemple by 46 imps ... There is a possible appeal on board 8 which might close the margin by
5 imps or so. However the Kemple team player had all the information and could have passed out 2D to gain a pile of plus 50s.

Board 8
At the table in question the bidding went 
P 1C 2D! P
P ......
The 2D is apparently Ghestem ...
East advises North that it shows both majors ...easy enough as she is looking at them.
West advises South that it is a weak 2 in diamonds 
Now me myself I Eamon suffered exactly the same pain except we were playing without screens
and we were alerted by the partner of 2D that it was ghestem and we proceeded to double 2D showing a penalty of 1 of the suits. The bidding ended there and we defended 2D.
We were told by declarer ...sorry but I forgot and I have 7 card diamonds. 
We got 500 out of that and even the donks in 4H+3 beat our score. 
Since that day I never make a bid until the ghestem bidder shows me their hand almost. 
However unfortunately the rule is I am only allowed to know their agreement. 
I next look for the non-existant convention card .. 
Ghestem is a pain of a convention because nobody ever seems to remember they are playing it. 
Brian Lawlor still claims he was right... I would have settled for an average. 
Why should I suffer because people play stuff they don't understand. 
However in this case a PASS of 2D would seem possible for a nice gain on the board. 
After all the woman who explained to North is looking at 10 major suit cards. 
So 200 or so added to teamies 420 .. thats a nice stash of imps and having missed the glaring chance now they might try an appeal or something.
I messed up a pairs event in Malahide the other week. I had the same people sitout two weeks in a row. I am some donkey. However most players accepted I am allowed make a mistake. 
A few did'nt but I said I am sorry. 
I am writing this blog because Rory Egan missed it . He told me today. 

Meanwhile down in Dundalk the well known Patsy Gibney struck oil at Dundalk Congress.
He was partnered by Maura Hand but I don't know her so well ..but she been opposite Patsy for a while so they have won other stuff no doubt. Well done them...
........BJ was there as well but was not firing ... I think he need to partner me again ...
I can get him into the prizes ..
Next Saturday I think we have the Schools Bridge Pairs in Malahide. That should be fun if its on.
The students enjoy going to Malahide to play. Its nice of Malahide Regional Bridge Club to give
the premises for the young players. ..Gozaga students will win the prizes ..

Eamon Galligan

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