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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Galligan plays Spingold Quarter Final with Jack5 (Its not easy)

By all accounts Thomas Hanlon performed extremely well in the Spingold Trophy. 2014. 
This is one of the US Nationals major events .. 
Spingold Reisigner Vanderbilt and Bermuda Bowl would be termed the majors of the bridge world.
Thomas and his team of Fred Gitelman Justin Lall Brad Moss and Les Amoils reached the quarter finals where they fell by 1 IMP to the LAVAZZA team. 

A team mate of Thomas indicated to me during the 1st stanza of the quarter final that ....
"Hanlon is awesome" and qualified it by replying to my comment of "Not better than you surely"

"He is this week for sure" 

Galligan figured he might play the Spingold quarter final and see how much he could beat Hanlon and the Grue team by. However it is not working out too well. Does this mean Hanlon and pals are really so much better than Galligan or could it be that my Jack does not push close enough to the par. 
Anyway Galligan needs to examine whats going on. 
Strangely enough back around 2005 Galligan was lucky enough to fall into a group of young bridge players that included Justin Lall and Agustin Madala. The rest of the gang were pretty mean players also. 
Maybe things will improve in the 2nd half or maybe I need to upgrade to Jack 6. 
Camrose Trials

Meanwhile I see a new Camrose Trials notice appearing yesterday. Amazing how 5 eminent and intelligent and very experienced bridge players and administrators can manage to send out a set of qualifying requirements for the major event of the CBAI calendar and a few weeks later retract those requirements and replace them with a totally different and 10 times tougher requirement. 
This means "They did not do it right the first time" 

When I saw the first notice my first thought was any regular attender of CBAI National competition can now enter the trials accompanied by 5 novices. Of course this is an exaggeration but the new qualifying requirements meant the Camrose Trials had become open to any person even a non-bridge player.
I thought it very strange but no longer being a serious bridge player I just left it alone. 
I recalled a time 2 years ago when the 2 best juniors in the country could not gain entry to the Camrose Trials as they were not deemed good enough and now this thing of a team with total of 700 B points can play. So 1 John Phelan could bring himself and 5 retired Waterford hurlers to play in the Camrose Trials as he owns 700 B points. .
One suspects that maybe somebody sent CBAI the wrong draft notice as the original was like an April Fools joke. 
Ballybunion Congress
Ballybunion Congress is on sometime in August but I don't see any literature on the expected sites of CBAI and Bridge Ireland. Both of them only have mention of 2013 event. I think it is around August 22-24 weekend but I cannot be certain. Actually I just found it mentioned in CBAI calendar. 

Ballybunion often runs a Junior Bridge train in but I don't know any details. 
The juniors will be tired after their trips to Germany. 
Meanwhile somebody from Wexford was missing Declan the Dub. Declan actually watched the Spingold quarter final on BBO until about 4am (session 3) He did not fully understand what was going on but he knew that Team Lavazza had got a comeback going on. He remains INTRIGUED by the game of bridge. 
Last night I went up to Declans fishing club and witness an expert fly fisherman in his battle with the fish.
There is lots more to fly fishing than tying on a fly and casting it out. 

Example 1 .. no point in casting out a red fly when the trout are eating black flies
Example 2 point in casting out a dry fly when the trout are eating nymphs

Declan soon had 2 14 inch trout landed on "buzzers" as he called them. 

Fly fishing is like bridge ... if you going to reel in the opponent you got to present the bait in a natural 
manner. Like one time in Drogheda I had a 5-3 side suit fit but unfortunately 4 top losers in 4H.
They led my side suit and I ducked smoothly ...risking an extra undertrick. ...
They continued smoothly and I reeled them in ... 17 years later he is still wondering what happened.

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