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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tonight I am going to play the 3 Senior Matches with Jack

Tonight myself and Jack will take on the grandmaster BJ and his 5 Team mates over the 48 boards they played today. I have to download the files from BBO and then make a pbn file and then check that the names are all spelt correctly. I suspect the spelling will be ok as this is done by the Server.
However one cannot depend on Traian Chiara,

Ireland Seniors rode their luck this morning to defeat England 52-22 imps ..
A large piece of something was Mesbur Fitzgibbon landing the opps in the going down GRAND for
17 imps. and some other things that went awry for England. So said the voice commentator from England.

In round 2 .. with Mesbur and Fitzgibbons brand of luck confined to the bench Dumbovitch and company ground Ireland to defeat despite some luck on board 16 ..

In round 3 against Norway Ireland took a large lead early on but Norway put a big comeback on to lead by 5 until Ireland found 10 imps in 3NT versus 1NT,

So tomorrow I will have the 48 boards compared against the players versus Eamon and Jack.

Hopefully I will play well and defeat BJ but it will be guinness related and possibly if I go for a smoke some of my drinking DON players will hop on and play a few boards.

Top 6 teams apparently qualify for World Championship. 

Eamon Galligan
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