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Sunday, June 08, 2014

The Fun Teams 2014 + Egan Trophy

Out in Westmanstown Sports Centre yesterday we had the Fun Teams , the annual Bridge event which features 4 grades of player on the same team.
The Gonzaga Team started without their Master player Jim Mulally due to a mix-up in the communication of starting times. So no sign of the Great Mulall at kick off time. A small panic went on and I said "I am not his keeper" No problem as Gonzaga unleashed their spare novice player as a Master. They won the first match comfortably against a Timoney team from Cavan but got creamed by Paddy McDermott in round 2. Finally the Great Mulall arrived and started putting his mark on proceedings.
The Gonzaga team had climbed to 25th of the 67 teams by half time.
In the 2nd half boosted by a massive 1.83 imps per board performance by the  the rampaging Great Mulall and Malcolm  Swan they climbed into a tight 2nd place going into the last round. Great Mulall was hoovering up his Inter A and Inter B opponents while his young team mates held off the oppositions Master Novice pairing. Meanwhile Joe Coyne ran into some good form in Session 2 and hoovered up 3.3 imps per board in the 2nd session to boost his team somewhat.
In the Final round the Great Mulall team could only manage a draw and got overtaken by several fast finishing teams to end up in 7th place out of 67 teams.
Suddenly out of the crowd of players surrounding the results table a disappointed and tired Mulall emerged and grunted "Did we win the 2nd session prize"
A quick check indicated Team Mulall was placed 2nd in the session and the winners were in the Overall prizes. So Team Mulall took home the 2nd session prize.

Full results can be found at 

However Mary O'Sullivan and her Kerry team ruled the event with an iron fist. 
In an interview later Great Mulall alluded to the James Newman team as his toughest opponents.
The indication were that his intemediate opponents put it up to him 

67 teams and apparently European Bridge League election candidate Paul Porteus wants more 
teams next year. I think he hopes for 100 teams. The Westmanstown Centre who hosted the event had no problem serving out about 270 dinners in a less than 1 hour. A Great venue for bridge.
Meanwhile up at the Egan in Northern Ireland the Irish Open team are finishing up the details of winning the event. 31 VPS up with one match to go I am reliably informed. 

Ireland Open lost the last match by 12 imps I understand and the final results are posted above.
This was an extended Egan Trophy with 10 teams involved including Open Ladies and Elder Irish bridge teams bound for Croatia.

I hear the English Ladies team selection has sorted itself out and the team for Croatia will be as originally selected. 

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