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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ireland Seniors make the European Final 10

The Ireland Senior Team of BJ O'Brien Michael McDonagh Pat Barry Rex Anderson Adam Mesbur and Nick Fitzgibbon qualified into the Final 10 teams in the European Senior Teams yesterday. I don't know exactly how many Teams qualify for the Senior Bermuda Bowl ...think its called Orci Trophy but I estimate it is 6 teams ,same as other events.
Adam and Nick can still be seen honing their bidding on BBO at least 2 nights a week despite being a 40 year partnership although they took time out to do other things  for 10 years back a while ago.
In the months coming up to these championships one could see bjoboru mikeirl bifffo and atra playing in CAYNE matches along with AMesbur and Nickfg.
Adam and Nick are the reigning European Seniors Pairs champions, which they won in 2013. They have the full set of European medals Gold Silver and Bronze. Hopefully we will use our asset to help qualify for the Bermuda Senior Bowl. Good luck to the lads today and next 2 days.
As far as I know the Ireland Senior team will feature on BBO 3 times due to the day off in the Open and Womans event.

Meanwhile the Ladies have risen back into 7th place and also have a chance to qualify for Venice Cup. However they will need to bring out their A game as in play the best they can. That means turning up at the table ready for battle in whatever way each individual prepares for battle. The opponents will be turning up ready to mentally batter the Irish.
The Open Team are hovering around the final 1 or 2 qualifying places but they have some tough matches coming up especially if they qualify. Qualifying in 8th or 9th place will mean a smaller carryover. All matches played in first round are carried over if the team you played qualifies so you want any team who gave you a trimming to miss out. Ireland have a tough final day involving Monaco and Sweden. However our lads placed 2nd in this years Cavandish only losing the whole event on the carryover. There for we and they know that they can defeat top European opposition when they are on form. The problem is most of Irelands opponents are professionals who awaken each morning to think and play bridge. Our lads awaken and go to work in the main.
Early this morning  myself and the Jack computer program .decided to play the 16 boards of Ireland France from Tuesday.. The match ended in a small win for Ireland. Not too shabby given I spotted on one of the French players BBO profiles that France will win Bermuda Bowl 2017.

So Jack and Galligan defeated the internationals. However one must be aware that although Jack is a fine program it does not make all the international bids that put on full pressure. I was fuelled by 2 pints of guinness for the first 9 boards so I found a couple of working doubles. I also knew the match ended something like 47-44 and to stay out of trouble on the late boards. Of course my results skew the real results from the real match. However it is good to compare oneself with the experts. I am going to try to beat Estonia later today maybe.

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