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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sligo Arklow and Junior Fiundraiser

Up in rainy Sligo they (thats Mairead Fergal and a whole gang of Sligo bridge players) hold the Sligo Bridge Congress this weekend. So if its a nice soft day ye can go to Sligo and stay indoors and play bridge and look out at the rain and all the non-bridge players getting soaked.

And I think they have an old spree as well after the bridge. Just in case its still raining. Also I think Fergal is the next CBAI President so he will be directing at loads of Congresses next year so watch out.
He won't know what hit him. Every weekend he will be away directing some Congress.
Down in rainy Arklow next Sunday they (Arklow Bridge organizers) will hold the Arklow Cup.
Thats Sunday May 25th. I was supposed to attend this event with Michael McGloughlin but then he decided
he would go to rainy Sligo instead.
I might get there yet but no plans at the moment. Its a lovely place and a bridge player recently told me that his uncle owns the Woodenbridge hotel.
Jack is the best bridge program I know for anybody who likes to study bridge with a computer.

There are loads of other software and bridge books available from
at good prices. Even a subscription to the Bridge World is only about 6 euro a month. Not much more then
the price of a pint or the cost of a game of club bridge. See what the big boys study and play.
Eventhough its a magazine I never get through the whole mag in a month.
Closer to home one could subscribe to the IRISH BRIDGE JOURNAL
This is a fine publication with lots of information about Irish bridge and some international
Meanwhile down at the Regent Bridge Club Declan continues to get busy ...

John Carroll and Thomas Hanlon will attend and take part in a Junior Bridge fundraiser on Friday
May 30th.

In my late 20s after I found the Regent Bridge Club it was the place of choice on a Friday night to tackle the great masters of bridge and have a few pints. We intermediates used to attempt to take down Great Masters like Ruth Giddings and Sean Stack and Charlie Cullen and Joe McHale and BJOBrien and Des Scannell. A chap called Frank used to run the bridge some nights. So Friday May 30th should be a good night.
Finally last Sunday night out in Elmpark Golf Club the folk from Blackrock took down the locals in the annual team match. However there was a fine spread of cakes and chocolate things and lemon drizzles and other nice things. That was before they produced the sandwiches. I think the plan is that Blackrock are allowed win every year as they bring the best cakes.
The score was about Blackrock 865 to Elmpark 755.

Maybe next year Elmpark will win.

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