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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Senior Camrose with Jack and Train Crash

Still ploughing away in the Senior Camrose tourney with my trusty Jack partner. Bearpark and Curran have by now made their debut and are feeling their way into this new level of event for them.
Lets be very clear here ...there are plenty of well known opponents in this field most of whom are full Camrose internationals and even more. Tony Priday is a legendary English player of the past.
Victor Silverston and Willy Coyle are legendary Scots of the 60s/70s..last century like.
So Steve and Brendan are in there with the big stuff.
Their current score of minus 8 cross imps a board equals about minus 1.5 normal imps but watch this space and we should see them go plus. A couple of missed spelling errors results in two McGowan and Hallberg pairings. 
Anybody who owns Jack or any other program is welcome to have my files .

Meanwhile with directing duties on the back foot for the summer I was able to venture out and have a game of bridge. I partnered Train Crash and as can be seen from the sheet we had a few pieces of red and some other small losses. However victory was secured in the end despite a rapidly tiring Train Crash.
We played in Malahide Regional Bridge Club which is probably the 2nd best venue for bridge in the country. I think Templogue has to count as number one. Templeogue is so good it has paint marks on the carpet in case the bridge tables move out of their designated position. You don't see the paint if the tables are positioned correctly. Interesting idea. 
We don't have paint in Malahide but we have 3 TVs on the walls to display anything from Results to Rugby matches to Bridge Lessons. Some nights we even display Karaoke words for sing a longs.
Coming up very soon we have the European Championships of Bridge. We will have Open Women and Senior Teams in action. This takes place in Croatia.
Anybody who fancies checking out their bridge prowess could do less than check out Brighton Summer Congress. It was my favourite destination for several summers as I learned more about the game.
I recall one time having KQ8764 of trumps and feeling duty bound to double the little old ladies 4H.
10 tricks to the little old lady later I learned my lesson. That was Irene Robinson I think.
The M50 Teams competition will take place in Westmanstown on about June 21st ..
I suffered a little of how my partners often feel last week. I was playing a game of DON and despite winning every game comfortably my partner had no time for my bridge like counting and signalling. He said thats why women play bridge and men play DON. I don't need to signal or count or even look at cards indicated the legendary DON player PHIL MARKS of Rivervalley. 
Some nighr I will introduce him to a chap I know who plays DON for 100 euro a corner down in the Liberties. As in bridge one cannot play without counting or signallng.

My Don playing friend Declan McKenna a man of many talents continues to be INTRIGUED by bridge.
Declan is an expert fly fisherman , a top class DON player, a man who seems to win at the bookies and on Friday evening he even fetched up in Croke Park at the One Direction concert in full waterproof fishing gear. The teenagers were no longer laughing at the old lad in waterproofs when the rain poured down.
Declan is the first person I have ever met who uses the word intriguing to describe bridge.
Last week I saw the same Declan slipping 50 euro to another lad who was down on his luck.
He noticed I saw him doing it. Declan says "Look and learn Eamon ..I am nobodies fool. I did not give him the money until he was going home. That means he will still have it for the weekend.
Declans parting comment to the chap was "And if I see you in Ladbrokes over the weekend I will knock the head off you.. I am well able to lose money in there without giving it to you to lose for me"
One meets the nicest chaps in the strangest places. The same Declan came to Malahide Bridge Club one night and kibitzed Maurice Quinn from a distance. He is still talking about the old lad in Malahide with no flies on him. I noted this week on the internet that Maurice Quinn played in a European Teams event before I even started playing bridge.

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